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Turn Your Blog Interactive With These Tips

What if people are coming on your blog and just returning back after reading your posts or spending some time on the blog? No interaction, No communication. This means that still there’s one thing that you can surely do better or improve and i.e. to make your blog so enthralling that it stirs instant reactions from the readers. People not only come to read your post but also exchange their views on it.

So let’s optimize your blog with these tips and make it a reader friendly place for communication and expressing their viewpoints.

Tip No 1: Be Open To Comments and trackbacks

What’s the fun in writing and not allowing others to comment about it? It’s like shouting in the void. So keep your comment section open. Let others express their views on what you have written for them to read. Comments on your posts serves two purpose: it makes you and your readers feel important. When they comment you feel listened to and when you comment back on the queries your readers ask they feel important. This helps in building a strong relationship between a blog and its readers.

But some bloggers who have some reservations towards comments due to spamming. It’s you who can manage it by making your blog a do-follow one or not. If you want to increase your reader base and want to make your blog hub spot of communication then keep it do-follow. To keep a check on spammers you can manually check and approve comments.

To automate the process, install dedicated plug-ins or widgets for handling comments on your blog.

Create a “Top commenter’s” list to reward your fans.

Like comments, trackbacks can be used to take care of fellow bloggers. In return your blog will get the benefit from the backlinks on the blogs that has its reference. Approve trackbacks of quality blogs.

Tip No 2: Take Feedback In Web forms

Web Forms comes handy in converting your blog visitors into your subscribers, by selecting the optional field while sign up process to your weekly or monthly newsletter promotion. These forms can be as per your convenience: make a separate page for them, present them in light box ore as a simple button present in the side of the webpage.

Web form in the form of contact form or feedback form provides you your readers view point directly into your inbox. You can use standard format of these form with three fields or name, email address and message to customize them as you like to gather more information from your readers.
Display the form in proper place and in proper format. It should be clearly visible and properly formatted. Remember, users decide in 8 to 10 seconds whether to fill the form or not, so make sensible use of their time.

Tip No 3: Share Socially

Now each social media provides you with share button on your blog. So make use of it, with which your readers can share your content on social media.

All major social network sites let you synchronize your blog RSS feed with the respective social media profile. With these all your blog posts will automatically gets updated on all your social profiles.

Tip No 4: Other communication tools

Other than comments, mails and forms there are many widgets and plug-in available to the bloggers which can make real time interactions with readers possible. You have options of Chat Now. You can exchange your views right now, no need of exchanging emails,

If you have another tip to make your blog interactive please do share in comments.

Author Bio: Sofia Williams writes for Voip Service Providers. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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11 Responses to “Turn Your Blog Interactive With These Tips”

  1. Tim Reeves says:

    I use several different widgets on my site that my readers love. I have installed a IQ TEST,Music, and several feeds from related sites. I also pandora one station list see people can listen to commercial free internet radio. I use a widget for displaying documentaries that are related to my site. After installing these my traffic has steadily increased. I have also installed a forum so my raeders can communicate back and forth with each other.

  2. Dan says:

    Comments are the best way to get interactive. If youre concerned about spam, keep comments on moderated and use a captcha plugin. In addition, add a Facebook comments plugin to your blog as well, makes it easier for people to leave a comment since everyones on facebook!

  3. People are crazy after FREE stuff or you can say word, where ever they see FREE word they jump into it to grab the offer.

    So if we start to give prizes for free to our commentators it will bring a positive response in return and cause lot of hit.

    I really like your tips!

  4. Jana says:

    Really helpful tips, and it is actually what I had been searching for. I just want to get out of stuck, I feel so stressed because of my blog nowadays. I’ve just started my new blog, and I have heard so much about the importance of fresh content etc. But somehow I have lost my motivation, there are too many things to do with a blog. I unfortunately haven’t done anything like this before, so your useful tips could be very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. JohnnyN says:

    You are right Alex, the comments make a bond between readers and blogger. More than that readers can tell you opinions, suggestions about blog post and everything is more interactive.

  6. Marlon says:

    Tip 5: Always respond and reply back to comments and be prompt about it. Nothing gets readers engaged and encourages them to post on your blog than the fact that the author took time to respond to his comment(s). This also encourages debate and discussion on your blog.

    • Blake says:

      You are absolutely right about that, Marlon. Having a great conversation with other people draws more people and more audience would participate in that interesting topic. But as the author of the blog, you need to be punctual in responding to other people’s comments.
      Thanks for the great tips, Alex.


  7. Rewarding fans is a proven tactic to stir more conversations and keep more traffic coming to a blog. Successful blogging is all about engaging the target audience into conversations. Thanks for providing us with these insightful tips.

  8. Emma says:

    I think a ‘top commenter’ addition to your blog can be really valuable, people will be encouraged to comment on more than one post and this in itself will stimulate a larger conversation with others. Also, as Marlon says, take time to reply to your commenters.

  9. Perky Seraph says:

    I liked the idea of using share buttons and rewarding top commentors. It can actually help us to grow our blog quickly!

  10. Asher Elran says:

    This is an important topic! One additional idea to spark the desire for readers to comment is to ask a question at the end. This doesn’t work for all blogs, but you even used it in your post, asking if people had additional tips! It can initiate a commenting conversation between you and your readers about their opinions or problems.