John Reese has unveiled video 3 of the Traffic Secrets 2.0 pre-launch sequence. And I have to say that it is one video that might change How you look at internet marketing and what exactly you can learn…

traffic secrets 2.0 video 3

In one video John Reese has managed to deliver value, shock impact and a much more! But you will have to read the artcle or watch the video to learn…

I personally think you should simply watch the video 3 of the Traffic Secrets 2.0 pre-launch to learn it first hand, but if you want my opinion – here it is…

Value to Customer

Traffic Secrets 2.0 is a first in the line of products John is planning to release under his brand. According to him – it will become the flagship product and corner stone of the new community geared toward entrepreneurs interested to earn online.

What is interesting he is talking about setting the quality plank with this product so high that it will pretty much remove all the “wannabe guru’s” from the field. Knowing resources he has available, it is quite possible.

Educational Aspect – Get Some Traffic Now

Video in itself can be used right now to learn and benefit from. John goes into details on how you can use software to drive traffic to your site or blog. While the technique is not new it seems like it is picking up speed again.

If you remember Michelle MacPhearson has released a product “30 Minutes Backlinks”, that concentrates on this strategy a little while back and one that I still use and love 🙂 and now John goes into it as well! Do you see the opportunity?

Sales Pitch – Are The Changes Coming?

At the end of his video John delivers one of the most unusual sales pitches I have ever seen! He simply announced that his product will be made available on Tuesday, July 15th at 12 (noon) and for one, set price:

Just $397

What makes his speech unusual is that he skips the entire anticipation building and forgoes all other things we are told so important. He also explains why he makes his new product available for nearly 50% less then previous Traffic Secrets but you just have to watch the video to learn.

Perhaps what you will see in Traffic Secrets 2.0 Video 3 is beginnings of a new way of marketing, who knows?