Most people who start off making money online with a blog soon realize that the money depends on a few critical things. The first one is traffic – how many people visit your website. And the other obvious thing is conversion.

Obviously, you cannot make any money when there are no people visiting your website. Even a little kid can figure this out. I know you knew this stuff.

But what you need to really think over is how “targeted” that traffic is.

You have probably seen this in your Google analytics stats already. There are days when you get 30 people visiting your website and get a sale, but there are days when you get 100 people, but no sales take place.

What’s the reason?

You name it, it’s how “targeted” your traffic is. It either makes or breaks your marketing whether online or offline. It’s the glue that holds all marketing and money making together.

How It All Works

Say, you have 300 people visiting your website on a monthly basis.

The question is: what are the traffic sources?

Now, you know, there are a “gazillion” different sources of traffic online, as there are so many websites available.

But the vast majority of internet marketers use something similar their peer internet marketers are using. This could be SEO, videos, articles, blog posts, blog comments, JV’s, podcasts etc.

You need to understand that there’s no “one-for-all” traffic source. There is no one source of traffic, which can be used in each and every niche equally effectively.

That’s why people get stuck when hoping to get money – relying only on one source.

It’s actually a big secret only the veteran internet marketers know that in every niche there is a certain loophole. Your job is to discover these loopholes so that you can get the most out of every penny you spend on marketing.

Let’s Take A Niche

Anyway, let’s say that you’re in the “wind energy” niche. If you were in this niche, you should know that there are many different opportunities to market to your prospects.

There are some great forums to do forum marketing and many blogs where you could do blog commenting or guest posting. You could make videos, tutorials etc.

SEO is a great alternative to all that because SEO can give you a big return of investment for the long tail KW’s compared to the “weight loss” niche where SEO can be a big pain.

But the most important job for you is to know the numbers. For example, if you target 10 long-tail keywords and get 15 visitors a day from each keyword on average, then this can be a hardly viable strategy to make money online. The numbers are simply too small.

SEO doesn’t have such a great conversion rate to make you rich online getting only a couple hundred visitors a day.

The big disadvantage with SEO, as with most of the traffic strategies, is that those people who visit your website, they are mostly only “browsers”. They only want information about the topic you cover.

These people go under the “blog readers” and RSS subscribers category. Either they don’t have any money or find that your blog stuff is good enough not to buy any products.

But these people could also be simply “strangers” having no interest whatsoever in your content or having little interest in your content. The people “testing the waters”.

See, you have to know your customer if you want get targeted traffic. Or else, it is like hitting a target you don’t see.

Knowing Your Customers

If you are in business, then it means everything revolves around your customers. Therefore, you need to absolutely make sure you know what makes them tick.

Basically, the majority of your blog readers have a common need or interest, or passion or problem they need a solution to.

To get targeted traffic you need to know your customers as deeply as possible. Because you cannot get targeted traffic without knowing your “ideal” prospect.

What’s Not Targeted Traffic?

As I said earlier, there is no such thing as one-suits-all traffic source. Therefore, you need to be very mindful when evaluating a particular traffic strategy in a particular market.

For example, in the “wind energy” niche strategies which could work better than others are JV’s, guest posting, blog commenting, SEO. But, on the other hand, forum marketing or social bookmarking, or video marketing or web 2.0 are less powerful.

Again, it all depends on what exactly you sell as a product and your exact niche.

If you asked me which strategies give you the greatest ROI (return of investment), then I would go for JV’s and guest posting or maybe SEO.

But any one of the above-mentioned strategies could give you non-targeted traffic.


Because, again, it all depends on customers. They could be interested in your products or they could be not.

If your joint venture sends his entire 1000 people list an email promoting your “wind energy” product, but his list contains mostly “bio fuel-for-car” enthusiasts, your marketing could not work out as well as expected.

So, I urge you to really think over, who exactly is your customer?

Describe him or her in very clear detail. You need to know their passions, interests, problems, needs (and wants), their age, looks, intelligence level, monthly income etc.

The more specific you are about your customer the better you’ll do to get highly targeted traffic.

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