Mark Brown (AKA – The Militant Marketer) is a guest blogger who runs the web analytics service ProTrackerPlus and The Militant Marketer / Warrior Leader Blog. Mark has been online since 2000 and enjoys teaching leadership and militant marketing strategies.


Alow me to briefly outline a marketing method that will get people to your blog or website guaranteed. If you have tried pay-per click, search engine optimization, and some of the other more costly ways of generating traffic to your website you are going to like what I am about to share with you no matter what result you’ve received with those other methods that I just described.

Imagine if you could drive quality, targeted website traffic to your blog or website when ever you wanted. No, not bulk traffic or pop-up page views, none of that stuff. There is no trickery involved in Click Through Marketing.

There are hungry communities of like minded bloggers, marketers, customers, clients and just flat out curious people in the many traffic exchange communities that exist on the world wide web today.

Here are four quick ways to market your blog or website that will multiply what ever method of advertising that you are currently using.

  • Manual Traffic Exchanges are free to join and allow you to get set up and Display your blog or website in just minutes.
  • Blog specific Exchanges allow you to drive traffic to your blog in a similar manner however these exchanges only allow you to exchange blog related websites.
  • Paid or Pro Traffic Exchanges have a low-cost fee to join usually $5 to $10 dollars for Lifetime membership and these exchanges are normally more exclusive and targeted.
  • Finally, Auto-Exchanges exist and allow you to display your website automatically however the drawback to this method is you do not know if some one else is really viewing your webpage.

No matter what methods you are currently using give exchange marketing a try you might be suprised with your results and you may find that is is time well spent.