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Every little bit of [tag-tec]traffic[/tag-tec] helps an online business. To pull in as much web traffic as possible, you sometimes have to take advantage of events that are only going on for a certain period of time. Big name guru launches are a good way to do this. Here are a few things you can do to drive some traffic from big launches.

The first thing you can do is to set up your own blog about the guru. SEO competition for their name shouldn’t be difficult and you should be able to rank high relatively quickly. In your blog, squidoo lens, hub page, etc… Talk about guru’s launch and how people can learn from the traffic tactics and pre-launch techniques that the marketer is using. Then advertise some affiliate products on your page (possibly made by the same guru).

Next, frequently visit the pre-launch page; a lot of big time launches now-a-days have blogs leading up to the launch. JV partners drive a load of traffic to these blogs so what you should do to squeeze out some traffic is leave a comment after there videos or popular posts (make sure to leave your website url). This way when people read your comment, if you write something intriguing they may take action and visit your site.

Another thing you can do during or even after a bog launch is to add the guru name to your ppc (pay per click) keyword list. Just write something controversial or intriguing about the guru and people will click on your ad. Then just lead them to a webpage or blog that talks a little about the person leading up to your product promotion.

A lot of people are using videos now to get their message across. If the guru put out a Youtube video on his/her site and it’s getting a ton of hits, you may want to make a video yourself and name it almost the exact same thing, just add a small misspelling. This way when people search for the video on Google, your video has a chance of showing up and receiving more traffic from search engines.

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