Nothing gets me more excited the a simple way to bring more targeted traffic to my blog without doing my work and perhaps turn some of the visitors into regular readers, subscribers and even customers. While there are multiple ways to go about it – I like the simplicity that accompanied by quality.

[tag-tec]Sphinn[/tag-tec] service similar in PlugIM in its target audience and provides a great way to generate some traffic for blogs oriented toward blogging, SEO, marketing, money making. One feature that makes it greatly differ from PlugIM is that it requires having a valid login (user account) in order to Sphinn the post.

This specific feature can be viewed as both plus and minus …

  • Plus – people who vote on your blog post (Sphinn It) are actually have to be logged in to do so and have genuine interest to complete the action. Highly targeted traffic and interested audience.
  • Minus – since authentication with “parent site” is required to Sphinn, you get less votes and if you regular readers are not members of the network – you get less visibility and chances to get more visitors from “Greatest Hits” category which works like Digg and posts with more Sphinn’s presented there.

Lucky me – most of my audience are WordPress bloggers and perhaps by showing you how easy it is to become part of the network and integrate it into your own blog I will interest you in “Sphinning” my posts?

There are a few ways to integrate Sphinn button on your blog to allow easy submission and voting but one I like the most is presented by one of my favorite Social Marketing bloggers – Michelle MacPhearson.

A very simple plugin she released allows you to simply configure where the SphinnIt button appears on your post and voila – you are ready for the Sphinn. Make sure to visit her blog and download the plugin and then signup with if you haven’t done so already.

… Oh, yeah and while you are on Michelle’s blog I recommend you pick-up the PlugIt voting button plugin for your blog as well. If Sphinn sounds like a good service to you – PlugIM has already proven for me to be one the bets free targeted traffic drivers.