Nothing boosts your blog popularity better then other blogs linking back to you. I know because I have participated (and still am) in Viralink exchange. Superb idea that boosted my rankings in Technorati in a matter of days. And I want to build on this idea but do something different and something that will be greatly beneficial for your Google Rankings.

In this strategy we combine the best Web 2.0 communities have to offer with a solid linking strategy and capitalize on our need to share. After all – web 2.0 is all about communities of like-minded individuals sharing what is common and this is simply a chance to make it even more beneficial to your readers by providing valuable resources and getting some targeted viral traffic. If your Business relies on AdSense for revenue , it is essential to have a good linking strategy and this can be used as How to get it implemented on blogs.

Update: To answer several questions I have received in email.

Q: Do I have to do the review of the site that reviewed me?
A: Absolutely Not! It is entirely up to you what sites do you review. Reciprocal part of this Carousel is in the part where reviewer creates a link to HIS or HER own blog using anchor text that fits the reviewer the most. It is actually most beneficial to review other blogs you might like and invite them to join the carousel. Main idea is not to only build links but to actually provide value to our readers by sharing sites we like.

Q: How many sites can I add?
A: It is up to you and I only request that you do not remove more then one from previous carousel. It will work best if each of us remove just one bottom review and adds one at the top. Using this method it creates most organic, changing content. But nobody is limited to removing JUST the bottom. If you look through the list and find one blog that simply don’t fit the theme of your blog – remove it. I don’t mind if you even remove my own blog, its all part of the game and as long as we continue to provide value to our readers and have changing (rotating) content we avoid penalties. On how many reviews to have – I wouldn’t recommend more then 10 for a simple reason. 10 reviews = 20 links, plus a link back to a site that invited you to participate and other links you already have on your blog. Our goal is to create the least amount of outgoing links, combined with value and avoid blame for being link-farmers.

Q: How fast will my technorati rank and Google PR will grow?
A: I have no clue! It will mainly depend on your efforts. Invite your friends Bloggers to join the carousel and use copy/paste from your blog. More people participate – better you rank. Here is a quote from Dave Ledoux: “Does it work? My Technorati ranking improved by over 2000 in the last 36 hours because of this.”

Update 10/14/10: All links removed due to most of them being dead or leading to BANNED sites. Avoid this strategy! It seemed as good idea at the time but ultimately damaging to you blog.