This topic is extremely important because when done properly your blog gets a huge free exposure from search engines and as result free traffic. And on opposite side we see blogs and websites banned from search results. In attempts to rip the most benefits we sometimes try too hard and do the wrong thing, which leads to ultimate demise and all work can go into nothing.

I’m no SEO expert but I do learn and in this post I would like to share some great resources that will help you expand your knowledge in this area and do optimization right. I will also share a free eBook that I personally use as reference. So dig in and get your share.

SEO Made Easy by Brad Callen. I consider this one of the best resources when it comes to information on Search Engine Optimization. Brad is the guy behind SEO Elite and Keyword Elite tools used by many Internet Marketers and he really knows what he is teaching.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO by SEOmoz is another great resource for all-in-one information that explains details of search engine optimization and a recommended reading.

15 Minutes SEO List
– is a great reference tool that includes a list of what will affect and how your rankings on Search Engines. I personally like it for the simplicity and ease to access when I need to get a reference and choose what is more important.

Three resources I have provided above should be more then enough to keep you reading for quite a while and provide you with all the answers you need when it comes to [tag-tec]SEO[/tag-tec] of your blog.