I would like to invite all my readers to take part in building a social revolution … or to be sure take advantage of strategy proven to work. But perhaps you need some convincing?

Well, my friend … you are in luck. I’m about to dedicate a few minutes to convincing you, that is if you need convincing.

Social networks can be a great source of traffic and has proven to be one of the most economical sources of targeted traffic when done right. What I’m about to offer you is an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most popular social networks that is reported to get over 3 million unique visitors that generate over 6 billion page views each and every month. I’m talking about Facebook that is currently one of the most trafficked websites and holds spot number 10 according to Alexa traffic rankings.

Would You Like To Funnel Some Of these Visitors To Your Blog?

Granted that this task can be accomplished by any individual but when working as a group and using only “white hat” methods that are fully compliant with Facebook TOS we can do it faster and better.

So here is where we stand … you can jump on my train and enjoy the ride or be left in the dust – choice is yours as I’m done convincing.

I have just recently joined Facebook and while doing my search I have found one disturbing thing – there wasn’t a single group around topic of WordPress Web 2.0 blogging. NOT a single one! Can you see where I’m leading? It is a perfect untapped niche I’m inviting you to join.

I went ahead and completed my registration, setup my profile and then created a group “WordPress Web 2.0 Bloggers”. This post is my personal invitation to you to become part of it.

There is not much required from you, although ACTIVE participation will be greatly appreciated:

As we grow and expand we will create a group filled with information (and links to our blogs) that is located on one of the most popular social sites on Internet. As we grow we will begin to attract visitors through the Facebook itself and search engines (it tend to rank well on SE) and funnel some of that traffic to our blogs.

So, are you in? Click to begin the journey.