While there are many factors that contribute to your blog success, one of the most critical would be high quality posts that provide unique and useful information to your visitors on consistent bases. Consistency of posting is perhaps one crucial factor that separates successful blog from one that goes into nothing. It doesn’t mean that you have to create post everyday but simply that you set your schedule and stick to it. Delivering information your readers expect from you on schedule they can anticipate will keep people reading.

I can’t help you create that high quality content but perhaps I can assist you with consistency. Whatever your schedule is set to is not important but what is important is that you stick to it. Sometimes it can be very hard considering many things that happen in our lives but if your absence can be predicted and you know that on specific date you will not be able to post, [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] provides great option that will still allow you to stay on schedule.

Your blog already comes with extremely easy to use and yet very effective scheduling option. By default whenever you create post and click “publish”, it will appear on front page and becomes live on your blog.

But if you know that your schedule dictates a post 2 days from now (or a week … or month for that matter) but you will not be able to access your blog Admin interface – nothing stops you from editing “Post Timestamp” option and setting date to anticipated future. Now when you click “Publish” you post will be ready to go live but will appear on your blog front end ONLY at a date and time you set in Post Timestamp. See example below.


Now you have a chance to keep your posting schedule and still take a much deserved day off, take care of family needs or perhaps simply spend time with your friends and family without the need to run to your computer. Your readers will only appreciate your consistency and your traffic will continue to grow, as it should. This very post you are reading on Friday was actually created and published on previous Monday.