SEO Articles are the easiest way to Increase Targeted Website Traffic and yet so often ignored. And usually not due to the lack of understanding but rather due to perceived complexity of the task.

Yes, I say – “Perceived” because I personally think that creating articles optimized fro search engines and human readers alike is extremely simple. In fact, once you do it often enough it becomes second nature. But I know that not all of us writers, including myself!

Today I want to share a great piece of software “AMI Article Writer” designed specifically for those of us who need just a little bit of additional help, at least until process becomes your second nature.

How “AMI Article Writer” Can Help You?

I catch myself lately more and more judging product based on my personal opinion of the creator. I know it is not a perfect system but being in Internet Marketing I have seen too many scripts or applications released by people who later drop all support and development, leaving you stranded with useless crap.

I meet Ed Hadome, creator of the application  at JV Alert Live in Philadelphia almost a year ago and he was telling me back then how he personally uses SEO articles to increase targeted website traffic by grabbing top 10 positions in SERP’s.

Not that it was a huge news to me but as someone who actually uses similar strategies I also know the difficulties associated with it. There are several points you have to get right in each and every article to make it most effective! Interestingly Ed told me he was working on a program that will make absolutely sure that even most non-technical person who knows nothing about SEO will be able to do it.

AMI Article Writer is your SEO Articles Automation Machine!

But before I mention how it can help you I want to mention what that software is NOT:

  • It is NOT Article Re-Writer
  • It is NOT Article Spinner
  • It is NOT garbage content generator

Software is designed to walk you through the entire process of creating articles optimized for your chosen keywords. Nothing more but nothing less!

Weather you know anything about Search Engine Optimization or not – this creative software will explain to you exactly what goes where and what you have to write in order to rank well in SERP’s.

Simple and yet effective!

Ed also provides several videos that show you exactly what you get and how the software will help you to be more effective article writer and Increase Targeted Website Traffic With SEO Articles!

If you are already experienced in SEO this software is not for you, although it can simplify the process but if you are just getting started and need a boost to your site or blog – AMI Article Writer is a perfect fit!