trafficEver asked yourself a question: Just how sustainable is your blog? How would a Blog Neglect Impact Your Traffic? And by blog neglect I simply mean breaking your blog posting schedule, posting less or paying less attention than normal to your blog.

These questions are extremely important as they can be early indicators of just how sustainable your blogging business model is. We all know that consistent quality content is the key to getting ever increasing traffic but following this line of thought we also become dependent of number of page views. Dropping that number will have direct impact on your bottom line… if you don’t have anything else in place!

Luckily from the very beginning of my blog I have never made myself dependent on number of page views. Integrating a more solid model that included email subscription to retain people interested to read the information directly related to what I share on my blog and eventual funnel to my product frees me from the worrying when my traffic numbers turn up lower than normally.

But is is still can be quite revelation. Last couple weeks I have been so busy with launching Expert WordPress product – I hardly had time to dedicate appropriate attention to my blog. I apologize to my readers for the lack of information and promise to get back on schedule but here are the details on how it impacted my page views:

With 8/13 been today and just a beginning of the day – you can safely ignore that statistic. But as you can clearly see – there is sharp drop in number of visitors due to me not paying as much attention to my blog as normally!

How Do You Protect Yourself From Page Views Addiction

Integrate into your process means to earn parallel to your blog. And while that includes quite a few options, in this post I want to discuss 2 that I personally consider to be MOST BENEFICIAL. 2 aspects that have tremendous impact on my bottom line…

And here is the kicker: You Don’t Have To Pay A DIME to learn how to do it! And that includes not purchasing my own products or anyone else’s. It is true that buying right product will make the process faster and smoother but if you are on very tight budget – just use Google to search for answers, they are available!

Email Marketing And Blog Integration

Oh, No! Introducing “spam” tactics into blog! Actually, quite the opposite!

Email marketing and blogs are the perfect marriage made in “internet heaven” as it blends best of both worlds and helps you to avoid the common mistake made by too many internet marketers: get you on the list and than pound with promotional emails until you unsubscribe!

Don’t you hate it? I know I do and that is where blogs excel! Integrating subscription into your blog and Blog Broadcast provided by Aweber is brain-dead simple! And it allows you to provide superb quality content your readers enjoy and also occasional email marketing. As long as you don’t abuse the second part and provide only products directly related to your main topic and something you have tested – you will see success.

Better yet – all the information you need available for free. Here are some tutorials by aweber to help you get started:

Blog Extending Into Product

I know, many dread the thought of creating an Info Product. But it is your Best Bet to escape the “page views addiction”! Right after you begin to build your email list with readers interested in your topci – you need to create a product in your niche that solves the problem!

What Problem? I don’t know – You are the Authority In Your Niche, aren’t You? You Know You Readers Needs!

And it is not that hard. One of the best ways I have seen it done is by my friend (I hope she considers me that) Barbara Ling. She came from a more traditional publishing and just exploded her blog and almost immediately started creating info products.

Her 21 Days to a More Profitable Blog was quite an eye opener and I can only recommend you give it a read. And she continues to create eBooks that address the problems she finds. Perfect example of brining Info Marketing to Blogging!

But I’m Not A Writer…

Neither am I! And that didn’t stop me from creating products that address problems I have sen within my topic. Both of my recent products: Web 2.0 Wealth and Expert WordPress are mainly video training!

Creating informational product on your topic is a lot easier than many think. In fact I have seen it time and time again when people already have the perfect product for their niche on their hard drive and simply failed to use it properly!

It Called PLR Products!

Many people have them but 99% fail to use them right. My very first blogging related product was about 2 years ago and it pulled over $5000 in one weekend! Best part – it took me only 2 hours to create it and begin earning! You can still see the page here (not sold anymore)

PLR products are a perfect way to get your own product but unfortunately majority of the people have no clue how to properly use them. And to help you – comes PLR Tutorials (Video) by Doug and Teri Champigny. I whole heartedly recommend the product because it teaches you step-by-step how to use PLR and start profiting.

PLR Tutorial Videos