Getting “interested” or in other words – Targeted Traffic is one of the quests every blogger is on. In fact the tasks of promotion, socializing and link exchanges all concentrate on achieving this one task – Get More Visitors that not only will briefly view your page but become readers.

Your blog content is responcible for retaining the visitors but first you have to get the people to actually see it. There are many ways to get this done and in this post I will describe one method that so far has proven to be very effective…

real_traffic.jpgAbout a week ago I have signed up with a new Traffic Exchange service – Real Traffic Exchange. Generally I stay away from traffic exchanges due to the low quality of visitors they send to your sites, since most of them give option to do “auto-surf” and obviously people don’t get to see your site or blog.

This one is different!

Created by Jonathan Ledger (man behind the $7 Script), this service provides a Click Exchange. How it works is very simple:

  1. You add your site to the system. Once it is reviewed and accepted (they manually review all blogs for quaility) you simply add a Javascript to your blog sidebar. You can see it on my blog running and it blends nicely using your existing styles.
  2. Create your own ad. Once approved this add will be displayed on other blogs and sites and ONLY people interested to see your offer will actually visit by clicking.

The way this system works is that you get Credits for each click on ads on your blog and you use credits to display your ads on other blogs. There is a referral bonus, so you can get credits by sending people to the system and get some credits this way. Obviously they provide with a way to purchase credits but I’m still in process of testing the quality of traffic and holding off on making the purchase.

To date I show that click through rate on my ad is almost 1%, which is decent but can be improved on. Considering that I didn’t spend a dime those are free visitors to my site. And I know one thing – this process is way more efficient than BlogRush, which was finally removed from my blog.

There are a few things to remembers:

  • Place your blog in Most Relevant category to get the ads that actually fit your blog content and get more clicks on them to get credits.
  • Test your ad to get more clicks. Better your ad is – more traffic you get, it’s as simple as that. Something I still need to do as 1% is not something to be proud off…
  • Place Javascript in location on your blog where you can get more clicks. Mine is currently running at the bottom of the sidebar, which get fairly low click numbers but still enough to have my own ads displayed.
  • Experiment with ad placement and do a split-test of different ads to get more traffic.

I have to say that so far Real Traffic Exchange has proven to work as promised and does send me a traffic. Considering that it doesn’t require much effort on my part – a well worth the testing.