How do you utilize Facebook to facilitate internet marketing traffic generation to your site?

Your Facebook profile page, now called Timeline, is everything! From the landing page to the cover photo to the about page to the layout, everything can be customized according to your specific internet marketing traffic generation needs.

Here are a few helpful tips to start off:

A) Uploading a Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first element that first-time visitors see on your Facebook page. It’s like a title to an article in the sense that it makes or breaks your chances of welcoming a new fan. The use of a cover photo in your Facebook page gives it a ‘professional’ look that separates it from others that are stuck with the usual page setups. Your FB page will become much like a professional website created for some high-end product or celebrity entity.
Put your blog URL on the cover photo, probably on the bottom-right portion of the image, adjacent to the profile pic where it is clearly seen. If there is any slogan, add and highlight too.

B) Completing Page Information

Complete your profile information: basic info, about section, site description, contact info, affiliate websites, etc. It is important for users to know right away the page’s purpose and how it would be of value to them. Introduce yourself.

For example if you have a joke/humor sharing site, it would really be helpful to state something like “A place where happy people converge and share funny jokes and quotes!” on your description tab so users would know what to expect.
The profile page is usually the very first section that a visitor checks so make sure that information is correct or you might lose potential customers.

C) Activating Subscription

The ‘subscribe’ feature is not set by default in any individual Facebook account. It depends upon the user’s or owner’s discretion whether to use it or not. However, there is one significant reason why you should activate this feature: virality.

By allowing users to subscribe to your personal page, they get to see real-time updates regarding your blog site without befriending you in Facebook. You could have twice, thrice, or even a hundred times larger coverage as Facebook allows an unlimited number of subscribers as opposed to having a maximum of only 5000 friends

Facebook offers applications that automatically share recent activities through the ticker – RSS feed-like box in the top-right side of the screen. When you read an article from the Washington Post or Yahoo!, for example, that activity will be automatically sent to the headline ticker. Of course, this could be dangerous and it could expose valuable information that needs to be kept personal. Thankfully, Facebook allows its users to customize what information are shown to the readers and what information are kept private.

D) Posting Regularly

Remember that increasing engagement between you and your customers is the most important factor in building your brand. A blog site should not be a one-hit wonder. You don’t create a blog site, post one or two provocative topics, then leave it to dry and expect to get the celebrity status treatment. You need to keep your readers wanting more, asking for more. Post regularly.

It is almost impossible to publish unique articles daily. In fact, that is not the way a blog site works. But you need to hold on to your readers and this is where Facebook comes in. Here are some useful tips to maintain the audience while finishing the next star post:

– Share information – It could be the thought for the day, the word for the day or a simple tip or advice relating to your group’s interest. It doesn’t really matter so long as you can keep the readers engaged. It could even be a holiday greeting if the situation calls for one.

– Conduct Polls – The topic could be anything relating to your blog’s niche like “What’s the best font to use in a birthday card?” or ”Which is a better version of Photoshop?” The purpose is to keep the ball rolling and to fire up discussions. Who knows, you might pick up a useful topic for your next post.

– Ask questions – You may also ask some questions or better yet, do surveys on what features your subscribers like to be added on to the site. This gives your Facebook page the human touch needed to engage more readers.

To Share or To Like

The number of ‘likes’ a post has is an indicator that your content has been passed around onto different users. Every time a post is ‘liked’ by a user, it spreads across his/her friends’ home page like a wildfire. But recently, it has been overshadowed by a rather new button named ‘Share’. What is the advantage of sharing a post over liking a post to an owner’s perspective?

‘Likes’ only appear as a one line of information to users’ wall while a shared post has the complete arsenal (photo/video present along with a short description of the post). What does this mean? Shared content generates more attention and interest from readers!

Keep your posts interesting by tagging photos or videos relating to your specific post as much as possible. Make sure that your readers notice your posts. Create quality contents designed to amass large volumes of internet marketing traffic generation and…

Share, share, share!

About the Author – Jackson Tan is a internet marketer who uses social media as one of the platforms to generate traffic to his website He shares tips on generating unlimited targeted traffic to skyrocket the profits of affiliate programs.