Perhaps I will sound like a broken record but I have seen direct benefits of using CommentLuv since the day it was first released by Andy Bailey and been a vocal supporter and described some of the usage options in my previous posts:

But How Do You Actually Find Blogs With CommentLuv Enabled and relevant to your Niche? Because this is where you will see most benefits from links to your content, especially since Google decided to ignore “nofollow” attribute that they invented!

Google is your friend and while I’m sure more “elaborate” search can be performed to get the job done, here is an example of search string I would personally use to locate a blogs with CommentLuv enabled in “home decor” Niche:

home decor & “title=”CommentLuv Enabled””

Idea here is quite simple and requires that you use 2 attributes:

  1. Your main keyword or key phrase used by blogs you want to find, such as home decor in example above and
  2. Forcing to sort those blogs by including only blog that have following attribute “title=”CommentLuv Enabled”” – double quote seem to work best for me to ensure nothing is missed as it forces Google to search for a very specific HTML code that you would see when doing a View Source option on commentluv enabled blog at the end of comment form.
  3. & attribute is required to tie them together and ensure that BOTH present in Search Engine results
Image by thespotter via Flickr

Please be advised that this is not the 100% guaranteed way to find it because Google returns results of the pages it has scanned and saved in Search Index and some of them quite old. Since bloggers are a strange bunch who likes to change things up – CommentLuv might have been already removed from their plugins.

Just keep it in mind and once you find a blog you need – add it to your own list of blogs and comment frequently to get the incoming links benefits!