Were you in any webinar lately?

Effective webinar can triple your web traffic and I want to show you how in 4 simple ways.

Blogging is a perfect system to connect with intelligent people around the world. This is contrary to offline marketing where it’s difficult to become a renowned entrepreneur. I’ve seen 21 year old make good money and impact in the world with written words.

If you can write quality articles, you could make money online. But first, let’s talk about webinar and how it all works to bring about fresh targeted and engagement.

Webinar – Why it works

When people are relaxed and expectant, the atmosphere of productivity is established. If you can gather a handful of targeted people together, they would in turn publicize your business through word of mouth.

It’s vital to understand the impact of webinar to your business. It’s a form of online meeting where ideas can be shared and lasting solution proffered to solve critical problems. Now that you’ve seen how webinar works in a nut shell, it’s time to know how to drive traffic in 4 legitimate ways.

1. Guest Posting Strategy

Who doesn’t know about guest posting? It means you’ve been living under a rock. You can use this strategy to get people on your webinar or any online meeting you host. Guest posting is powerful and I’ve used it to build my niche blogs from scratch and today, I occupy top 10 positions for most viable keywords.

One good thing about guest posting is this: the people who will be reading your content are already knowledgeable. They would understand what you’re trying to teach to a certain extend.

Does it mean they won’t honor your invitation? Off course not, on the contrary, they’ll come with open minds to learn and become better. If you don’t have time to write guest post, you can contact me to help you at affordable rates (that’s a pitch, forgive me).

2. Press Release Distribution

Do you know it’s possible to rank on Google’s homepage within 12 hours? Yes, I’m talking about serious web traffic to your webinar site. It works when you approach press release distribution with an entrepreneurial mindset. You’re not writing and distributing press release to get fresh traffic, but you already have an offer waiting to be enjoyed.

Webinar is a formal web promotional system as it brings people together in one place. Closely related to online discussion boards, but this time, the video clips you put out will further enhance your self-image. It’s good to seek the services of a skilled writer to help craft that news worthy content for your webinar.

There are good writers and bad ones. When I say bad ones, I’m not saying they’re entirely bad – but they don’t care about your project. It’s the monetary gain they seek.

Once your press release is well written and edited, use several channels to distribute it. Target a potential keyword and build few backlinks from your niche blogs. Wait for 3 hours, check where Google place you on their index and take it up from there.

3. Video Promotion

Another way you can drive traffic to your forthcoming webinar is via video.

Short video clips submitted to Youtube.com and Google video network tends to perform higher. People are skeptical and they don’t want to sit and wait for your video to finish. If it’s more than 10 minutes, you’re exceeding boundary.

Since it’s a webinar, a short video clip on what your guest should expect will do the work efficiently.
But there must be a strong call to action at the end. Don’t allow anyone to enjoy your video without clicking through to your webinar page or landing page. It’s a total waste of time and that’s not wise-marketing. Use videos today to boost traffic to your online meeting and smile all day.

4. Webinar banner ads

Yes, you can design a webinar banner graphics and advertise it on several high trafficked blog. But it’s better to have your banner on relevant blogs, even when the traffic is few. What you’re aiming for is targeted traffic, not just thousands of people who will only burn your bandwidth.

Banner advertising may not work in some niches, but it works in internet marketing, health and entertainment. People wants to make money, drive traffic, live healthy lives, get informed on latest happenings, get entertained etc.

This method of driving traffic to your online webinar could cost you money, but the investment will definitely pay off sooner than you expected.

Webinar Traffic Takeaway

Our aim is to redirect the traffic from this webinar to our money site. The way you do it is via pre-selling and there are diverse ways to do it: product reviews, squeeze page, sales page etc. But I prefer using a squeeze page in order to build an email list and follow up later.

There you’ve it, the 4 ways to get fresh traffic to your webinar and channels this same traffic to your “money pages” where you can make good money. It looks simple to me, is it?

Author’s Info:

Michael Chibuzor writes about online webinar and online meeting. He invites you to check out GoToMeeting coupon and GoToWebinar promo coupons to enable you organize your own meeting without much ado. Its’ time to take your online business to the next level, organize your online meeting today.