One of the best free ways ever discovered how you can drive targeted visitors to your website is to create free reports and then distribute them all around the web.

It’s incredible how many people overlook this simple yet powerful traffic strategy.

They know it works, but the ignorance factor kicks in and they continue to look for the next shinny object – other traffic tactic.

Although, there’s hardly any other better free traffic strategy than getting visitors with freebies or free reports. People love it, you’ll love it.

Take That Content And Put It To Use

Oftentimes, people think that they need to crank out completely new content to attract massive traffic to their websites. Well, to attract massive traffic this may be true.

A brand new idea (which actually works) has a better chance to attract more new visitors to your site than rehashed content, which has been seen a 1000 times before.

But you don’t necessarily have to do this if you just want to get a quick boost of traffic.

Still, most of the content online is the same old stuff just in new colors.

Therefore, I strongly suggest you take your own existing content and reuse it for other purposes, like getting traffic with free reports.

You can take any article, any blog post or guest post, or video and audio and then reuse it in your free report. Now, obviously, your video and audio contains information in a format which you have to change to text.

Of course, if you feel your article feels incomplete or lacks something beneficial for the reader, then you can always do some research to find that missing thing.

Also, you can always create your free report from scratch by doing extensive research online.

How To Get Traffic With Your Report

After you’ve created your free report, then you need to actually distribute it online to get traffic – new targeted visitors to your site.

By the way, if your article is in a Microsoft Word or notepad .txt format, then you need to convert it into a PDF format.

You can do this with and

Though, I prefer the Microsoft Word’s “save-as-pdf” the best. It’s really fast and easy.

The next thing you have to do is to distribute your free report.

There are many places where you can get traffic with your free report. Some of the most obvious places is to submit it to some of the ebook directories:


These are a good start as they can send you 100’s of extra new visitors each and every month.

Another cool way is to find the forums in your niche. You could find those forums and then promote your free report on their forum section specifically meant for it.

In some forums it is obvious where you can do it, but on other forums you may need to be a little creative. But don’t be too aggressive with promoting your report or else moderators will ban you.

You can easily promote it also in your signature file. That’s the easy way.

To maximize the exposure to your link (your free report) in the signature file you need to leave valuable replies to other forum members’ posts.

Document sharing sites is another opportunity for you. Here are some of them:


Well, there are many different ways how to distribute your existing content or your newly created content. You could even take it and post as a forum post. Just be creative!

This is a no-brainier traffic strategy you certainly want to implement to some extent or else you’re leaving huge traffic on the table.

Good luck with getting new targeted visitors to your website with this traffic strategy.

P.S. If you have any other cool suggestions on how to distribute your free reports or ebooks online, then please let us see. Leave your tip in the comments section below.

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