Target audience is the DNA to the success of any blog. Blogs with profound impression on their visitors continue to rule.

Online world has revolutionized in the recent past. The income that people used to generate working 8 hours a day was not suffice to even meet the basic needs. Hence the need of extra income was felt. This has impacted the way people think of blogging as a professional career option.

Today’s is the era of hale and hearty bloggers. That is the reason for introduction of fitness innovations like Bistro MD and Weight Watchers. But what constitutes a successful blog? The question has already been answered. Here we unfold the four hidden magnets to attract huge target audience to your blog:

Magnet 1: Tags and Cautiously Chosen Keywords

There are various keyword tools available in the marketplace, which will snatch popular keywords from top search engines like Google and Yahoo. You need not spend extra bucks, ass such tools are available free of cost. Associated tags are also significant. For instance: if HTC EVO is the main keyword then price of HTC EVO in India is its associated tag. This will not only enhance your search engine visibility, but also make your blog give stiff rivalry to other blogs of the same niche.

Magnet 2: Quality Internal and External Links are Precious

Bounce rate (the rate at which the visitors turn away from your site without moving to any other page) will only be less if your article has internal links at the right places. This will make the visitor keep roaming among different pages, and you will get more views. Similarly, external links pointing back from top blogs is greatly beneficial. You could simply do this by making a relevant comment on the other blogs. However, the spam comments are most often blocked by the plug-ins. Avoid them! They are just like junk food diet without any nutrition, which cannot be assimilated by our body.

Magnet 3: Unique Offers and Adorable Gifts

Offering free promo coupon and code, organizing competition online and giving away exciting gifts are the most appreciated ways of driving huge traffic. You may also offer free weightloss and nutrition tips through newsletters. This creates a feeling that you care for your visitors and they in turn will visit your blog time and again.

Magnet 4: Are you making the Most out of Social Media?

The last magnet that boasts of pulling the most target audience is Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. You can get easy plug-ins to drive the traffic from your fb page to your blog. For instance, if your blog is on weightloss, then you can add become a member of online weightloss communities and they will give the much needed base to your online traffic.

These four ways of attracting traffic will boost your Alexa Rankings like never before and give you a command over your destiny in blogging. After all, clock is ticking and the first page of Google is waiting for you!!!

This article is written by Irfan Siddiqui, who writes at weight watchers promotion code and Bistromd coupons the two websites to keep track of our health, and to help us lose weight. Irfan also gets impressive deal on discount and coupon code here.