Article Marketing is one of the most effective and natural ways to build incoming links to your site or blog and increase authority status. It is also one of the simplest and cost effective as most article directories are free to submit your content to. Problem comes into to play when you attempt to submit to many sites to increase effectiveness of the strategy – Article Marketing Is Time Consuming!

Anyone who is done it before (free) knows that I’m right and most of the time I simply go for article distribution services which cost me – but saves time. And time is of essence! If you feel same way – you might want to read this post as I’m about to describe:

  • How To Build Incoming Links
  • How To Get Content to Your Blog!

Either option can be beneficial to you…

A new service is made available just recently – one that marries Article Marketing and Blogging in the MOST effective way and allows you to build incoming One Way Links and also get Content You Need!

Article Marketing Automation

Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay are the guys behind the service and same people who provide super quality content to the members of their PLRPro site – one of the best sources of PLR content. This time they have taken the concepts of blogging and article marketing and combined them into very effective service that allows you to:

  • Distribute Articles to Blog and build one way links
  • Receive content to your blog through their services

You even have an options to do it in a completely automated fashion – although I wouldn’t recommend it! Not everyone’s writing might be fit for your blog! I’m not going to repeat the entire sales letter but simply give you the option to check it out.

Since I still don’t know how well it preforms (I just signed up) my only recommendation – READ the details and make up your own mind!

Article Marketing