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Build Oneway Backlinks Through Influence Guide

I’ll be short and to the point today. Here is a quick video tutorials for you that shows how to…

Build Oneway Backlinks Through Influence Guide

…but you just will have to watch the video

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23 Responses to “Build Oneway Backlinks Through Influence Guide”

  1. hmm.. ok thanks anyhow – will try and check it on my office PC when I'm in tomorrow!

  2. Is this video meant to be so slow or am I missing something, nothing seems to happen for ages then nothing thena click then nothing?


  3. Oneway links are the ticket, I have found if you write up some nice linkbait (resources mostly), plenty of foreign blogs link to it…and often partially translate.

  4. I also seem to be having a problem with getting the video to play. It just sits there and will not start.

    Johns last blog post..Baltimore Real Estate

  5. Hi Alex, the video worked fine on my PC. The content was very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Judy says:

    Thanks for the education. I didn’t realize Google had a blog search. That helps to see and hear the how to’s. I am not a techie, so seeing it in action is the solution for me.

  7. Simon Slade says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Great content. Helpful tips. Very useful for those that are not so internet savvy or who are beginning out in the blogging world. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Simon Slades last blog post..Is this Really Where the Professionals Hang Out?

  8. That was a great video, and it was under 10 minutes. That’s what I like to see; information-packed content that doesn’t eat up too much time.

    Toms last blog post..How Wind Power Works

  9. Thank you for interesting lesson. I already installed the KeywordLuv on my blog. So.. just need wait first backlinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. warren4321 says:

    after watching this video, i got a even clearer idea on how to get blacklinks and traffics. This is really helpful for me. Thanks.

    warren4321s last blog post..Webhosting – Top 100 Web Hosting Blogs

  11. song says:

    pron tag is default tag? haha.

  12. Jason says:

    Alex this is a great idea.. give and it shall be given…
    Thats the way i like to think.

    Im going to use this on my blogs to help those who took the time to link to me..

    but if i comments and link back isn’t that a reciprocal link? im not sure i will comment but digg or stumble them i will

    Jasons last blog post..Perform WoW Powerleveling – What Every Player should know to Experience being On Top of the Game

  13. Kim Dion says:

    HI Alex,

    Great video again. Funny thing I went to Google blog search and
    there is not one to reward for linking to me. So how do I create
    the links again. I have been doin my trackbacks on my article.
    Can you Tell me what can I do?

    Kim Dion

    Kim Dions last blog post..Eliminate Google CPC High Keyword Cost!

    • TheSpotter says:


      Try commenting on blogs you would like to have linked to you, on regular bases. Also do stumble, digg, bookmark those blogs. Start the process of backlink creation by being pro-active. Even if they don’t link to you right now – they might in the future or they might reciprocate your stumble or bookmark. Don’t underestimate the power of reciprocation.



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