Let me state one thing first about BlogRush before I dive into my guide – BlogRush by itself WILL NOT become the absolute source of traffic and using it exclusively and expecting unbelievable returns will set you up for a disappointment.

What I do believe is that it will become a great source of free traffic and when combined with other traffic generation techniques will be quite beneficial, especially to early adopters due to its referral system – you are credited for referrals 10 levels deep. Reminds me a pyramid but as long as it works – I’m all for it. And now let’s discuss how to properly implement and benefit for BlogRush.

In this guide I’ll be assuming you are using WordPress blog with widgets capable theme.

Step 1. Signup for free account at BlogRush. Make sure to choose most appropriate category for your blog. It will become critical to present your readers relevant article headlines and what is even more important for your headlines to be displayed on relevant blogs.

Step 2. Once you register your blog and provide your feed URL you will be presented with BlogRush code. We will be placing this code into Text Widget. Login to your admin interface, navigate to Presentation-> Widgets and place a new Text Widged onto your sidebar. Click a small icon in right corner of your new text widget and place provided code into it. Save changes. Voila – you are now displaying BlogRush widget and generating credits so your headlines will be displayed on other people blogs.

Step 3. Yes, placing a widget to your blog is not enough. You need to start actively promote BlogRush as you get credits from your referrals 10 generating deep. So get busy – market it as much as you can. Some people take this task seriously enough to run AdWords ads, so you can imagine the level of importance they place on it.

Step 4. Importance of headlines is now goes from High to Critical. Each and Every post you write HAS TO HAVE a headline that makes people want to click! BlogRush widdget displays only headlines. You worked hard on getting credits by promoting the service, annoying your friends and fellow bloggers to signup through your link – now take most advantage of your credits – Make People Click Your headline.

I have wrote an article few month back that now becomes more important then ever as you success to generation of Crazy Targeted Traffic directly depends on it. Learn how to write headlines that force people to click it and access free tool that help you do it: