BloggingZoom is a hot new comer to social networking scene that allows bloggers exchange traffic by presenting their content in relevant location. While it doesn’t perform same function like BlogRush does its promise is similar and end result expected by many is also one and only – more traffic.

And now I’m making an official declaration after a few days of using it:

  • BloggingZoom Sucks More Than BlogRush …

… that is – BloggingZoom Sucks More Traffic Than BlogRush

Delivering on your promise is something that is expected in blogosphere and ability to deliver on its expectation is essential to survival of any service. Especially when it aggregates information form many bloggers and expected to provide a certain benefits in exchange. In this particular case it is one of the most crucial aspects of blog success – traffic.

One interesting thing you will find in stats I’m about to provide is that traffic from BlogRush is of higher quality event though is a lot smaller numbers. And another thing we need to account for is that BloggingZoom been active for only about 3 days, which stats clearly display. But here are the Google Analytics screen shots I’ll be using for proof ..





… and now time for some quick analysis base on images above that we can compare 2 sources:

  • Traffic Numbers: BloggingZoom wins 19 to 8. Nearly 3 times more visitors over one week period and considering that only 3 out of my 6 submitted articles reached the *HOT* status it shows clear advantage.
  • Traffic Reach: BlogRush take the lead here by providing a higher number of new visitors and smallerBounce rate percentage. One for One so far…
  • Traffic Conversion: BlogRuh once again moves ahead with visitors coming from it stay on my blog longer and and view more pages. Two for one …

Hmmm .. conclusion might be quite a bit different from what one might expect but once again – more flowing traffic, even of lesser quality on average wins the battle. And BloggingZoom has proven that it

  • … Sucks More Traffic Them BlogRush