In this post I want to share a very simple tip that will help you not only determine what to write about but also show you how to allow Google to tell you what search result pages they WANT YOU to dominate!

It is not a lesson in SEO, although it partially covers the point, but a strategy to help you get more targeted traffic to your blog. And if you are like me – you wouldn’t mind to get a few more visitors to your blog, would you? 😈

First of all this post assumes you are using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics effectively. If not – I suggest you find more info on using them or become Expert WordPress Platinum member, as I have covered both topics in training.

And the reason I point to those tools because Google is the biggest, even though not isolated search engine and responcible for most of the natural search results traffic to my blog. To see what traffic they send me – I use the above mentioned tools. And it is important for the point of our exercise as I’m about to show you how to get even more of it!

Step 1: Analysis

What I’m about to show you is probably not healthy for my own Search results position and generally advised not to be shared but I want to help you understand how it works and provide details. More than likely sharing this info will change the results at later point, since many love free traffic.

As I was checking my Google Analytics one day I have noticed several keywords that were closely related to each other started sending me traffic. See image of truncated keywords below:

Yes, those are real keywords! And they were sending me traffic because of one post I have written a while back- Great Banner Management Plugin for WordPress Just Released. And while that post did follow some of the SEO rules I share with my customers – it was mainly info sharing post.

Checking Search Engine Results Page ( SERP ) position I have found that my post was right at the bottom of the First Page. Not too bad for “unoptimized post”! But obviously that higher you are to the top of SERP – more traffic you get, so the next step was to determine…

  • What Should I Expect If I reach The Top?

Step 2: Check Demand

Seeing that one “unoptimized” post sends me free traffic that is beginning to be noticed in Analytics – my next step is to check the demand for those keywords. I use Google Keywords Tool since now it provides estimated search results. I use exact keywords to get as close estimate as possible. See image below:

Not too much but combined search volume shows that there some traffic I Didn’t get! And someone who was scoring higher then me – go em. Now, that is not how I like to operate! My next question:

  • How Can I beat them?

Step 3: Double Up!

Ever seen that Spear Mint gum commercial with their catchy phrase – “Double The Fun”?

Well guess what? It works with Google just as nicely! Google already told me that my “unoptimized” post is considered by Google relevant enough to make it to the bottom of first page for the keywords in question! And as everyone knows – if you have “double” on relevant information from your site – Google will show BOTH results and even nicely stagger them for you!

Makes your post Stand Out, even if you don’t reach the top!

So without wasting much time I went in and wrote a follow up post: WordPress Banner Management Plugin Options. As you can see – I wasn’t attempting to be subtle, I went for the kill and added all the keywords proven to be beneficial while providing relevant information!

Nice, huh? And now I can just seat around and wait for more traffic from Google, right? WRONG! Because next question I had to ask myself

  • How Can I Tell Google That My Blog Post Is More Relevant Than Other Guy’s?

Step 4: Link Love Baby!

Make no mistake – all the on-page SEO in the world will be useless if you don’t have any links pointing to your blog post with your target keywords as “anchor text”. And my next step was to get a few of those links pointing to my next post from other blogs.

But I had to do it without SPAMMING!

I hate comment spam and keyword spamming is one of the most common types I get. But we have a better way! I’m a HUGE fan of CommentLuv plugin created by Andy Bailey! Now that my new post, filled with keywords in title is up and published – I simply had to go and find a few blogs that have:

  1. CommentLuv plugin installed
  2. Have DoFollow enabled.

I explain how to use this strategy in my video tutorial in Get Traffic Video Tutorial post. About 45 minutes later and a few incoming links to my post I was almost done! Why almost? Because I have also used my own tutorial and submitted the post to a few Blogcarnivals. Simple and yet highly effective.

Now I had a question…

  • Did my work Pay Off?

Step 5: Enjoy The Traffic

Yes, now its time to enjoy the results. A few days later I manged to get to the top of the SERP’s and get the position I wanted to have. See image below

Obviously by sharing this info I fully expect someone to go after me and remove me from that position but even if they do – I have just shown you a VERY EFFECTIVE way to learn:

  1. What Keywords Google Already Scores You Well On
  2. How To Take Advantage Of It
  3. How To Create Content Guaranteed to Send You Traffic

Beauty of this method is that you have to do minimal research since you have already researchedΒ  it before and can reuse the results by simoply rewriting it and additing more relevancy and OPTIMIZING CONTENT for exact keywords people find you on.