Having your website rank on the first page of a search engine is a huge accomplishment for anyone who achieves it. Just being within the top 10 search results for a particular term or keyword on Google, Yahoo, or Bing will likely bring you loads of traffic and conversions. If you aren’t a well-known site, or your site is brand-spankin’ new, how do you achieve this? Well, if you are a serious online business owner, you will have to use a number of different methods to get your site visible. One of these ways is to employ one-way backlinks.

What Are One-Way Backlinks?

The way it works in the Internet world is that search engines are sifting throughout the millions of websites to bring forth the best and most relevant search results to the public. Part of the way they are able to distinguish who the front-runners are is by seeing how many people link to your article or site. Search engines see the websites that link to you as votes of confidence, if you will. Therefore, the more of these you get, the more valuable you appear to a search engines, encouraging them to rank you higher than your peers.

For example, let’s say it’s Halloween season and “best couple Halloween costumes” is a hot term that the public is searching for. Part of Google’s search process will be to look for the Halloween article or site that has the most other sites linking to it. While this is only one factor that Google considers, it’s very important for getting to the top of the SERPs.

Many sites have attempted to take advantage of this knowledge by exchanging links with partner sites, creating a reciprocal link exchange. However, one-way backlinking only happens, obviously, “one way.” Online businesses look to get these types of links in a number of ways.

1. Get Your Site Exposure with Guest Posting

With guest posting, preparation is key. The first action you want to take is to identify a well-known, high-traffic website in your niche. Once you’ve identified the site, the goal is to be able to post one of your articles on that site. In order to have the most success at this, though, you should have at least 15 to 20 high-quality articles already on your site, before you even contact the site owner.

You can approach guest posting in one of two ways: If the site has a forum where anyone can post content, choose one of your best articles (that’s not already published online) and link to your site from there. If the site doesn’t have a public space, contact the site owner directly. Using the “Contact Us” section of the site, attach the article you would like to feature and explain that you’d like to guest post. If your post is high-quality and compelling enough, he or she will likely not turn it down. Once your article goes live, that site’s readers will not only be exposed to your featured article, but they will also have a host of other articles to enjoy if they’re compelled to visit your site. And of course, if you included a link back to your site in the article, search engines will notice the backlink and you will receive a higher ranking because of it. Well done!

2. Get Creative with Infographics

Informational graphics or infographics display data in an eye-catching graphic form. Infographics should be witty, clever, and eye-catching. When websites successfully pull it off, other sites and readers will be eager to post and socialize the graph, leading to quality backlinks that raise your brand and reputation.

Come up with an infographic that is representative of your brand or the service that you offer. Once you’ve decided on the concept, hire a designer to create it and then embed your site’s link. For example, if you own a custom shoe business and want to display your most popular styles over the years, you could design a stylish infographic that showcases the different types of shoes youÕve created as well as the number of sales for each. Or, maybe you are a business owner who owns a number of businesses in an area and you want customers to see all of your businesses at a glance. You could create an infographic of neighborhoods with your businesses highlighted throughout them.

3. Submit Your Content to Article Directories

Article directories accept a wide variety of articles in order to provide their readers with a ton of information about nearly any topic. Submitting an article to one of these services, such as Ezine Articles, will allow you to embed a link to your site in the author box, which will provide you with a quality one-way backlink when your article is published. Some article directories even often offer your articles to other publishers who are in need of new content for their newsletters. This process ensures that even more people are exposed to your work (and your link).

4. Write Press Releases

Do you have any new developments related to your product or service? If so, writing a press release about them is a great way to establish one-way backlinks. There are a number of press release directories you can submit your release to, such as such as OnlinePRMedia or PR.com. In addition to explaining your news item, make sure to provide information about your overall company, product or service. And of course, don’t forget to put a link in there!

5.Be Proactive with Blog Commenting

As with guest posting, search for sites that are similar to your subject matter and post some of your content in their comments area. Be sure to include a link back to your site in your comment. Keep in mind, however, that you need quality here too.

Staying on topic with what is already being discussed on the site will give you a “natural presence.” Readers will be more inclined to read and click on your content if your commentary is relevant to the conversation. On the other hand, if readers are discussing hand-sewn handbags and you haphazardly put up a post and a link about selling vacuums, your post will look like spam and turn readers off. So be selective about your comment placement, because relevant placements will get you a quality backlink.

6. Give Social Bookmarking a Whirl

Submit your content to social bookmarking sites, such as Twitter, reddit and StumbleUpon, in order to increase awareness and get folks excited about your content. Many of these types of sites get loads of traffic, and posting on them creates quick backlinks.

If you find that posting to these sites becomes tedious or time-consuming, you could look for free services that will submit your content to groups of social bookmarking sites at a time. Keep in mind however, that these types of links aren’t long-lasting.

7. Unleash the Linking Power of Video-Sharing Sites

Have you created any video for your product or service? If you have, uploading your videos to video-sharing websites, such as YouTube and DailyMotion, is a quick way to create one-way backlinks. All you need to do is put the link to your site in the video description, and viola, you have your backlink.

Guest Post By: Mitch O’Conner is an online marketer and writer. When he’s not busy testing sites, generating traffic or writing content, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, watching TV, playing games or going camping.