In the recent past, getting quality traffic was as easy as buying a cup of coffee. This was due to less Google stringent rules on websites. Due to vast completion, getting traffic is a big task and now you have to be smart in order to get the real targeted traffic to your website.

In this content we will discuss two quality ways of getting high value traffic for your blog business. Below are some of the best ways to generate traffic.

Press Release

Press release is an in-form traffic system that can populate your web around the globe. If done correctly your blog can be as popular like a celebrity blog. Truth be told, Google loves press release sites, this is because of the high value content that are being generated.

The best way to use the press release is to write news worthy story that will generate buzz within your niche. In a recent post I wrote a powerful guide on how to write a press release that will ultimately capture the eyeball of the editors.

After you have written the release, the next step is to use a submission service that will distribute your story to your audience. From my own experience the best press release service is PRWEB.COM period.

This is because; it will announce your release to almost every site that is within your niche. No one should cheat you that is for the Big Dogs, NO, even bloggers and affiliate can use it as long as you approach it in a natural way. Make sure to take advantage writing and distributing your release to the masses.

Guest Blogging

Another way of getting high value traffic is through guest blogging. Since the Google panda update and the latest penguin update, more sites are in thirst of good quality content. Guest blogging is win-win situation. In fact guest blogging is one of the most ethical link building strategies that is recognized by Google.

How do you approach Guest Blogging? Below are the best ways to maximize your guest blogging:

  • Write an Epic title that will attract your potential readers
  • When writing your guest post, link it to your landing page
  • Use an anchor-text for SEO purposes
  • Your guest post should be from 750-2000 words
  • Mention the big blogs within your niche

If you follow the above strategies, I can really assure you that you will maximize your search engine traffic positively.

Based on the above two tips, I would encourage you to implement the both strategies in your blog and you will see how fast you can be popular.

Do you have any tips on Traffic generations?

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