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10 Tips for More Repeat Customers

As we all know, customers can and will make or break a business.  Building a productive customer base is no easy task these days.  And since selling to an already established customer is easier and more cost effective then trying to bring in a new customer, you need to know what you can do to keep your customers coming back.

Below are ten strategies for keeping your existing customers and getting more sales.  Although some of these tips might seem obvious, they are not always practiced.

1. Always Be Respectful – Never insult your customers or lose your cool, so to speak.   No matter how rude or insulting a customer may get, you must always be in control and be respectful.  The same holds true with your competitors.  Never badmouth other companies to your customers.  Not only is this unprofessional but it shows a degree of desperation that your customer will surely notice.  The customer will only respect and admire a company (you) if you are courteous to all.

2. Show You Care – Be attentive to your customer’s needs and wants.  Share your knowledge and answer all their questions.  Actually be interested in what they are saying and find solutions to their problems.  Let them know how you and your products can help them.  Do not act like you are bored or want to be somewhere else.  I have come across this a few times and believe you me, it makes you want to go somewhere else as quickly as possible!

3. Build Relationships – Get to know your customers.  Don’t be afraid to get a little personal.  Send the customer a hand-written note or offer to let them know when a special sale or deal becomes available.  If a customer feels they know you, they will be much more likely to trust you and stick with you.

4. Meet the Customer’s Needs – Customers need to know that you know what you are talking about.  They need to feel confident that you are going to give them what they need.  They also need options, information, respect, understanding and control.  Give the customer all the options available and let them know how you can best meet their needs.  Don’t make them feel pressured or pushed.  If you meet all their needs and you have a friendly, you will get repeat business.

5. After the Sale Service – I have had people ask me if they could still email me after they purchased my product.  Unfortunately they had previously dealt with people who talked them into a sale but then pretty much disappeared.  People who do this just completely baffle me.  How they can treat a customer like this and continue to stay in business is a mystery.  But most likely, they are not in business very long.  It just isn’t possible to treat customers this way and expect them to come back.  Always make your customers feel they can contact you anytime they have questions or comments.   Make yourself easily available to them.

6. Appreciate and Value Your Customer – If not for your customers you would not be in business.  So many people tend to forget this.  Always make sure your customer knows that you appreciate them and value their patronage.  Have a “Customer Appreciation” day for your customers.  Give them a nice little personalized gift of appreciation.  An appreciated customer is a happy (and a return) customer!

7. Be Consistent and Reliable – If you say you are going to do something, then do it.  If you promise a weekly newsletter, be sure to get one out every week.  If you promise sales and special offers, come through on those offers.  Show your customers you can be trusted and that they can rely on you to come through.

8. Stay in Contact – Periodically contact your customer s to see how they are doing and if they need anything from you.   Send them greeting cards to let them know they are not forgotten.  These little things will make a big impact on a customer.

9. Be Competitive – Being friendly and nice is essential but you also need to stay competitive with other companies in your niche.  Keep abreast of news and new products and/or services, etc. in your market.  Keep an eye on your competitors and make sure you offer the best services and products at the best prices.

10. The Extra Mile – Do little extras for your customers anytime you get the chance.  Your customers will appreciate it and become a regular.  Remember the Golden Rule and live it!

Interacting with your customers can be a very rewarding experience.  Just treating them with respect and truly caring about what you can do for them will make a big difference in how they react to you and if they will come back.  Always remember, you need them more than they need you!

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11 Responses to “10 Tips for More Repeat Customers”

  1. Pradosh says:

    I think one should provide what their customers needs with good quality after sales server.
    Keeping touch with clients can also bring addition revenue while also building good reputation.

  2. Sara says:

    Great tips all of them and I liked also the last you wrote.By doing something extra seems that you care.I believe that the section “ABOUT US” is really essential, because the clients want to know who is behind that blog and who suggests them to buy a particular product and this is something totally logical.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks for posting your helpful advices! They are really useful to build up the trust which is recommended if we want some repeat customers!

  4. Ahmad says:

    Getting repeat customers is all Marketing 101 really. The 80-20 rule applies here: 80% profits come from 20% of your customers and those are repeat customers. From a business POV, its cheaper to have repeat customers than making new ones. And then there’s the fact that word-of-mouth is a powerful tool!

    Excellent tips up there, and thumbs up for the post!

  5. Kevin Doyle says:

    Great tips! I think being genuine and offering a quality product definitely drive repeat business. Getting your foot in the door is important, but delivering on your promise and having credibility in your promises are great drivers to get customers to come back.

  6. Elena Anne says:

    Wonderful tips. People need to know how important building a relationship is with your customers. If you miss out on this you are missing out on potentially a lot of sales. If you have customers that like you then they will spread the word about you thus being free advertisement. Again I really think more people should read these tips.

  7. John Mak says:

    Hello Terri,

    Number #4 – Meet the Customer’s Needs is I believe the most important! Are you the most knowledgeable in your market? As Chet Holmes says, 65% of people that want to buy from you is based upon how much they trust and respect you and how you will understand what their needs are! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. It also baffles me as well that people make a sale than don’t communicate with the customer or client again. Don’t you these people want to make more sales?

    I also don’t understand why new sites don’t have competitive pricing, being competitive is what makes you earn more sales and traffic.

  9. Irfan says:

    All 10 tips are beneficial but I believe in – Stay in Contact.

    Personally as a graphic designer, I always want my clients to be in touch with me, no matter how much busy you are you should be in touch with your customer. It not only benefit our current deal but gives a good response in terms of long term business.

    What you think, Alex?

  10. Ella Turgeon says:

    If it wasn’t for our customers then we wouldn’t have our business so these tips are very valuable and sometimes we forget just how important customers are. Thanks for the great article!

  11. Sanjeev says:

    Building a long lasting relationship with your customer is always a good way, though it does require some extra effort. I agree going extra mile and giving them more then they need can help a lot…