So you have managed to create your very own [tag-tec]web 20[/tag-tec] website based on [tag-tec]Wordpress[/tag-tec] either by following my instructions or on your own – now what? Without targeted traffic your super interactive website filled with superb content is nothing. So how do you bring that insane amount of visitors interested to read information you share?

There are many ways to get [tag-tec]targeted-traffic[/tag-tec], including commercial but this is not what we will talk about. Our goal is to get things done with as little expense as possible – free is preferable. Well guess what – social networks are perfect for that, as long as you don’t abuse it and actually contribute to their community value by providing information people are interested in.

If you followed my previous directions and installed [tag-tec]social bookmarking[/tag-tec] plugins you are providing an easy way for people to share your information once they read it but first we need to bring them in. And we will do it by sharing first and let the snowball roll from there. Power of the word of mouth is still unprecedented and assuming your content is as good as you think it is – that snowball will quickly turn into avalanche!

Super Tip: Avoid Spaming Networks and Provide Real Value!

Tip I have shared above will save you from a lot of problems. Social networks were designed to allow its users to share sites they like with each other and posting too often or posting content unrelated will quickly mark you as spamer and get you banned. So make absolutely sure you contribute not only your own posts but also other sites related to your niche. With all above being said let’s move to services I found most useful and bringing most targeted visitors:

  1. OnlyWire – a service that allows you to provide a login ID for 15 different social networks and by making one single post – add your bookmark to all 15 networks. Super time saver and quite worth the effort of initial sign-up for all services, so do take time to get it all setup and you will be greatly rewarded.
  2. StumbleUpon – super targeted traffic driver if your post posted into correct category. Do make sure you know what tags you specify when bookmarking to this site.
  3. Reddit – superb service that will allow you to post your articles and reward you for quality content.
  4. Digg – a grand daddy of social bookmarking that will drive insanely targeted visitors when used correctly.
  5. ShoutWire – similar in concept to digg this service will work its miracle for you, assuming your content is worth it.
  6. MyBlogLog– one of the newer but highly recommended communitites as it brings you greatly targeted traffic.

This is just a short list of services I use on regular bases and find most beneficial to my site. Within couple days of starting new [tag-tec]blog[/tag-tec] I can easily get well over 200 unique targeted visitors to my site. Just have a look at the stats of the very blog you are reading – first post was made on 19th and first social bookmark on 21st:


But this list is just a nice pace to start as there are a lot more services that I will review in other article, so stay tuned and perhaps subscribe to my RSS feed to ensure you don’t miss it.

Still reading? You should be off and tagging your blog posts and submitting bookmarks, so stop wasting your time and get yourself some traffic, while contributing to community!