Social media sites are crucial to any online marketing campaign. More and more, users are spending their time accessing the Internet through their favorite social media portals instead of actually leaving those sites to search around on the internet. Back in 2005, we saw the first big shift away from individual site traffic to linked social media traffic. At that time, MySpace became the first social media portal that actually beat Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines fir most hits in a month. Since that time, MySpace has come and gone, but Facebook has grown in popularity and now has over fifty five million users. Not only does Facebook boast of having a great user base, but these users spend nearly an hour every day viewing their friends’ status and upload their own content.

While text and image based marketing campaigns are useful, video chat is the best way to connect with your potential customers and generate very relevant buzz around your company or service. The great thing about social networking sites is that when you post meaningful content, you do not just gain the attention of the one individual you marketed your campaign to, but that individual, if they find the link worthy enough, will forward that link to other people in their social network. These people are typically closely related to your marketing customer and represent a “tribe” of customers you would otherwise have missed. This is why generating interesting, attention worthy content is important for social media marketing campaigns, and video chat can offer the highest level of attention grabbing content.

One of the ways to use video for your marketing campaign is to do online interviews with interesting people. This can be accomplished through using social media video chat services such as ooVoo, Tinychat and Skype. You can record your video chat session using screen cast software that will capture your computer screen. ScreenFlow is a good video screen cast recording tool for Apple and Camtasia is a good PC tool. If you need a free version to get started, you can check out the Jing Project, which is a limited feature version of Camtasia.

Another great use of video is to make software tutorials and walk-throughs. The same screen cast software can be used to record your click through session on the computer with the addition of a microphone to add your vocal walk through while editing your video. Some really good video editing software is available to you without too much effort or cost as Windows has its Movie Maker software for the PC and Apple offers its iMovie software for Mac users.

The interesting thing to remember about making the transition to video from the written word is that you have to remember to use all the things about verbal communication that you do not have to worry about when writing articles. Making eye contact is just as important in your video as it is in face to face communication. The big difference, and the unique challenge to video, is that you need to make eye contact with the camera as if you are talking to another person.

Another thing to remember with your video is that the rules of storytelling still apply just as they do with the written word. Catching your audience’s attention early is vital, as is making your message simple, memorable and actionable. Typically, it is important to catch your viewer’s attention within the first five seconds of the video. Finding a way to be interesting and engaging as a presenter is also important in video communication.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips shared this post. He is a professional tech writer with many happy clients. He is a new Mexico native, graduate English literature from La Sorbonne, Paris. He loves to do video chat in his free time.