Twitter has taken the Internet marketing world by storm. Even though Twitter has been around for some time, it has finally managed to make waves in bigger ponds and in the past few months there has been a massive migration from well known bloggers to become Twitter addicts.

Or so it seems.

So what is all the fuss about Twitter anyway? For those of you who never managed to grasp Twitter and what it’s all about, you might become converted Twitterers after reading this post. Maybe not. In the end, Twitter is a simple social networking platform that allows like minded people to connect with each other in an instant.

One thing I have noticed is that on Twitter, inhibitions that are usually exerted on most blogs are being dropped quite frequently. The conversation is more in tune with going to the pub on a Friday afternoon. Twitterers tend to talk about anything else but business, except on the occasional rant.

While you can Twit on the main portal, namely the website, it is far easier to use Twitter applications as they will make the use a lot more fun, easy, but more addictive too.

Below is my Twitter profile page as you would see it when you visit my site. You can personalize the background and color scheme in Twitter too to add your own personality.


To communicate, you just type into the box and click update. Below is how this will look after it has been published.

twitter conversation

As you can see, chatting with friends is easy. However, I find the basic Twitter site too frustrating to use. I found a small application that makes twittering a lot less obtrusive and more fun too.

It’s called Thwirl.

image Thwirl is a nifty desktop application that ads speed to your twittering without interrupting what you do elsewhere on the net. With thwirl you can send:

  • direct messages
  • private messages
  • re-tweet a message you liked to help promote somebody else
  • favor a tweet for later
  • archive your tweets
  • ad friends
  • search for new friends
  • change color scheme
  • and more

I think the versatility with thwirl is what makes it so much fun in the end. It sits neatly in your browser bar when not in use and when a new message is posted it alerts you with sound. (You can turn that sound of too).

Why Twitter is the next networking giant

I’m not sure that it will be to be honest. However, since I have seen a lot of bloggers make the move lately, I feel that Twitter could well become the next social media giant, especially in the Internet marketing niche.

Time will tell I guess. For the time being I will take every day as it comes. I’m not addicted yet with Twitter but am intrigued to see where this will lead anyway.

How about you? have you succumbed to the lure of Twitter yet?