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Twitter AutoDM, Let The Bashing Begin!

yellAs I use Twitter more and more I begin to gain followers and I follow back most people who actually show in their timeline that they hold conversation with other people, not just throwing their message into the Twitter. I believe Twitter is important for building relationships and people who “talk at me” and not “to me” don’t get my Follow click! It is one of my votes of personal preference who I communicate with.

But this post is about Twitter AutoDM feature! I know that what I’m about to say will generate different opinions but I just have to say what I need to say and also show some poll results to allow you judge for yourself before you decide to use that “feature”!

My Personal Take

I think it is important to understand how I personally perceive Twitter and how I choose to use it in order to explain my take on Twitter AutoDM:

  • I use it first and foremost as a way to establish relationships as it allows me to reach people I might not have access to via any other means. Direct Messages (DM) as such become an EXTREMELY valuable means of exchanging information!
  • I use it to spread my message and information relevant to my niche – doing my best to be useful and establish my right to speak on subject.
  • I do use it as marketing platform but only when my marketing message relevant to the group that follows me – I personally view it as a recommendation from someone you know. And I know I personally check out recommendations that come from people I choose to follow because they have established a form of trust with me by opening communication channel via Twitter

But from all of the above – Relationships take precedence over everything else and DM option within Twitter is of HUGE importance to me! That is why I have a negative view on AutoDM, as they clatter my inbox.

But there 2 types of AutoDM and each one of them has a different level of Dislike:

  1. Thanks for follow AutoDM – more common and I guess people see it as common courtesy to say thank you for the follow. The only problem with it – I know it is not a personal communication but generic auto-reply and as such – it has LITTLE to NO VALUE to me! And yet, it pushes important communications down in my DM Inbox.
  2. Thanks For Follow With Link – this one is a totally different beast and borders on spam to me! As I stated above – Twitter is about relationship to me and when someone tries to push me to go visit some page or what is event worth – buy something, it doesn’t help it! Consider this: If you meet someone in person would you make the very first words from your mouth to be “Nice to meet you, now go and buy my crap by visiting this site”. I know that many replace buy with some free download but it makes no difference, message still same!

Now, that was my opinion but I want to share some polls run by other people to show you how majority feels!

Tweet Polls on Auto DM

1. How do you feel about auto “thank you for the follow” DM’s?

This one in my opinion shows quite clearly how people feel about the type of AutoDM’s discussed in this post. So think before you do it!


2. How often do you click a link inside of an Auto DM?

This poll addresses the question about effectiveness of including links in AutoDM’s. Do 5% that actually click on your crap really worth  it to you?


3. TweetLater just launched ability to Auto DM your entire follower list. Good idea or bad idea?

And this one addresses even bigger issue with AutoDM – I simply provide it in hopes you don’t fall into the trap of using it!


Are you using Twitter? Share your opinion on the topic and if you chose so – you can also Follow Me On Twitter!

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19 Responses to “Twitter AutoDM, Let The Bashing Begin!”

  1. Arthur Hawk says:

    Great post. I agree that relationships are everything. In order to buil my subscribers list to Panama Magazine, I’ve decide just today to jump into the Twitter craze. Will let you know the results soon.
    Keep up the good work

  2. I can see the effectiveness of auto DM’s if you do it with tact. I feel that if you abuse it, a lot of people will stop following you. Cheers, Stuart Stirling

    Stuart Stirlings last blog post..Are You Busy Selling Or Just Busy?

    • Excellent article.

      @Stuart Stirling – I agree (depending on what you meant). Because, following your logic, one can say “I can see the effectiveness of SPAM if you do it with tact.” I don’t think so. Spam is spam is spam. If you plant a flower in a pile of mud, it’s still a pile of mud.

      Although you do make a solid point. Sure, it’s effective. And sure if you abuse it it will hurt you. (And I think that’s what you meant.) But being effective doesn’t mean it’s right. It has too much potential for being abused, and I think therein lies the problem.

      My belief is that DM is a “direct,” as in “personal,” “one on one,” “individual,” etc. Auto-DM after a follow is one thing, but bulk auto-DMs is wrong.

      For example, I have auto-DM for a thank you message after a follow, but that’s it. I would never bulk DM my followers. It would defeat the purpose of a DM (a personal, direct, private message) in the first place.

      I’ve been very vocal about the nonsense behind auto-follow on my blog:

      But I think auto-DM is worse. Twitter itself said that auto-follow is disingenuous. I think that some of the features you get with third-party services are not offered by Twitter proper is because Twitter finds them questionable.

      Sure, one can say “if you don’t like my auto-DMs, then don’t follow me.” But that’s akin to a spammer saying, “If you don’t like my spam, then just unsubscribe” (or worse yet, “just hit delete!”). Ugh.

      Michel  Fortin s last blog post..The 10-Point Ethics Checklist

  3. Mike Stenger says:

    Interesting information man! Thanks for the post, I let my twerps know about it 🙂

  4. joel nielson says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s ALL about relationships. What’s mind boggling is the fact that these new communication mediums are so powerful, yet people are blinded of there power because of the TRENDINESS of participating… Could you imagine what Ogilvy or other pro marketers would have done if they had these mediums? (That is a great question to measure our personal efforts against now and again to see how we are doing…)

    I guess how you use twitter is a personal choice… but aimlessly twittering (without thinking first WHY you are doing so first) really reveals how valuable your time is to you. To each their own… But I am with you Alex. Thanks for the post : ) (under construction)

  5. Ed Hudson says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the article, and with Michel’s comments. I also dispise auto follow software and immediately block people who follow me when I see they are using it. Twitter has caused a lot of people’s ego’s to shine their headlights on bright beam. I prefer to find those I want to follow myself, and the same goes for the auto follow and Auto DM as well. Both (in my humble opinion) should be banned.

    I have been vocal on these subjects as well… and will continue to be. I have made it crystal clear that if someone starts following me using auto-follow software, I’ll just block them. To me.. it’s just plain creepy. I don’t want some software telling me who to follow, any more than I want those lonely souls following me. Same goes for the Auto-DM… it just takes the “personal” out of all this, and is akin to spam in the purest sense of the word.

  6. Hi Alex,

    Nice job with Your Article, Here is some Input from a Preacher
    Using Twitter to Build Meaningful Relationships. Been working
    from our First Domain since December 2001. My thoughts now:

    What’s worse of all to me about that Link in DM Reply is when it
    sends You to their Squeeze Page straight up. I’m saying to Myself
    that this is a Motive of Selfishness to say the least. An Insult to
    my Intelligence to say it another way. My thought is that people
    should give something of themselves before asking You to allow
    them to follow-up with constant contact. I’ve been moving away
    from the Squeeze Idea from a Straight Up Bases Myself for
    sometime now.

    Never was High on the idea myself, always seemed like backing
    someone in a corner to me. One Arrogant form of Greed is a clear
    way to say it. Therefore my struggle with the Squeeze Page Concept.
    Really Like more of what I’m beginning too see Online, Many are giving
    Real Substance in Content, then Ask if they can Follow-Up. Most
    People can appreciate this Approach is our thinking.

    When a person takes the task of reviewing each person’s Bio and
    even clicks the Link to get a quick idea of their Presentation, then
    if that DM Reply has a link for the person that makes choice to follow
    their Tweet Stream on Twitter is starting a Relationship. As a Minister
    of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s about Him and not about the vessel
    of His Lovingkindness that sharing the message of truth. Maybe the
    motivation of this message is to present the Starting Principles to
    grow the Relationship in Our Business.

    Logic doesn’t work well when Doing the will of God, it about the word
    of faith. Always with love, God Is Love, God Is Good, God Is One. Now
    that Is the truth from a Preacher using Twitter for the glory of God.
    Psalm 24:1 Be Blessed always…Peace!

  7. I’m not sure if this matters much, but it came to mind:

    What was the age group of the folks participating in this poll?


    How was this poll presented?

    Just my thoughts…

    George Packards last blog post..BOWFLEX TC5000 TREADCLIMBER TC 5000

  8. TheSpotter says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!

    @George Packard – I have no idea how those polls are run, as I didn’t organize them. I simply went to a popular application for Twitter Polls and searched for it. I picked polls with most results, there are more with similar percentage spread but they didn’t have as many votes.

    I know it is not scientific but it is a reflection of collective feeling and that is what I was trying to present.

  9. Dennis Edell says:

    A very good reflection if you ask me. I was using twitter for a short time but heard oh so many complain of DM’s more then anything else.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Blog Readers or Twitter Followers – What’s YOUR Preferance?

  10. Mary Ann says:

    I agree that relationship take precedence over everything. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Don’t just promote yourself all the time. Get to know your contacts and they will get to know you.

  11. Martin Sejas says:

    AutoDM’s can certainly be very annoying as they completely fill up your inbox in a short period of time. And because of that, you have a hard time finding the DM’s from the people you want to read.

    Perhaps there simply needs to be another piece of software to counteract this, which allows you to only receive the DMs from people you are interested in and purge the rest automatically.

    If anyone knows of such a piece of software, I would love to know!
    .-= Martin Sejas´s last blog ..How To Come Up With Twitter Username Ideas =-.


  1. Excellent article on the downsides of Twitter Auto DM

  2. Go_Encinitas says:

    The Auto DM Debate – interesing poll –

  3. The Auto DM Debate – interesing poll –

  4. Twitter etiquette (according to @thespotter) teaches it's no longer proper to say thank you >