yellAs I use Twitter more and more I begin to gain followers and I follow back most people who actually show in their timeline that they hold conversation with other people, not just throwing their message into the Twitter. I believe Twitter is important for building relationships and people who “talk at me” and not “to me” don’t get my Follow click! It is one of my votes of personal preference who I communicate with.

But this post is about Twitter AutoDM feature! I know that what I’m about to say will generate different opinions but I just have to say what I need to say and also show some poll results to allow you judge for yourself before you decide to use that “feature”!

My Personal Take

I think it is important to understand how I personally perceive Twitter and how I choose to use it in order to explain my take on Twitter AutoDM:

  • I use it first and foremost as a way to establish relationships as it allows me to reach people I might not have access to via any other means. Direct Messages (DM) as such become an EXTREMELY valuable means of exchanging information!
  • I use it to spread my message and information relevant to my niche – doing my best to be useful and establish my right to speak on subject.
  • I do use it as marketing platform but only when my marketing message relevant to the group that follows me – I personally view it as a recommendation from someone you know. And I know I personally check out recommendations that come from people I choose to follow because they have established a form of trust with me by opening communication channel via Twitter

But from all of the above – Relationships take precedence over everything else and DM option within Twitter is of HUGE importance to me! That is why I have a negative view on AutoDM, as they clatter my inbox.

But there 2 types of AutoDM and each one of them has a different level of Dislike:

  1. Thanks for follow AutoDM – more common and I guess people see it as common courtesy to say thank you for the follow. The only problem with it – I know it is not a personal communication but generic auto-reply and as such – it has LITTLE to NO VALUE to me! And yet, it pushes important communications down in my DM Inbox.
  2. Thanks For Follow With Link – this one is a totally different beast and borders on spam to me! As I stated above – Twitter is about relationship to me and when someone tries to push me to go visit some page or what is event worth – buy something, it doesn’t help it! Consider this: If you meet someone in person would you make the very first words from your mouth to be “Nice to meet you, now go and buy my crap by visiting this site”. I know that many replace buy with some free download but it makes no difference, message still same!

Now, that was my opinion but I want to share some polls run by other people to show you how majority feels!

Tweet Polls on Auto DM

1. How do you feel about auto “thank you for the follow” DM’s?

This one in my opinion shows quite clearly how people feel about the type of AutoDM’s discussed in this post. So think before you do it!


2. How often do you click a link inside of an Auto DM?

This poll addresses the question about effectiveness of including links in AutoDM’s. Do 5% that actually click on your crap really worth  it to you?


3. TweetLater just launched ability to Auto DM your entire follower list. Good idea or bad idea?

And this one addresses even bigger issue with AutoDM – I simply provide it in hopes you don’t fall into the trap of using it!


Are you using Twitter? Share your opinion on the topic and if you chose so – you can also Follow Me On Twitter!

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