If you missed the bandwagon departing for Social Network traffic – fear not! Tweet and Get It! WordPress plugin will help you get there quite a bit faster. This small addition to your blog can help you recruit an army of followers interested in getting exactly what you have to offer or share, assuming of course you actually have something to give or share 🙂

To see it in action:

[tweegi-button name=”Tweet And Get It!”]

Innovation never sleeps and that is why I like WordPress as a platform! If you have a need – more than likely someone else does too and they have created a solution in form of plugin you can install and use!

Tweet and Get It! Promise

Tweet&Get it ! is an automatic process to get Twitter followers in exchange for a downloadable file. Get your shortcodes by setting up your Tweet&Get it ! buttons. Copy/paste the shortcodes into posts, pages and widgets areas. Your Tweet&Get it ! buttons will immediately be available to your visitors.

Tweet&Get it ! is seriously recommended to share content such as: Music, Ebooks, Photos, Wallpapers, Promotional Codes, Coupons, Typography, CMS Themes, Videos, Software, Tutorials, Web Resources, Icons, PSD Brushes …

Plugin is extremely simple to use allows you creation of multiple buttons so you can separate each promotion and each give away to see which one is most effective and coordinate your efforts accordingly.


Nothing too complicated as you can see and if you like to test it – feel free to do it here:

[tweegi-button name=”Tweet And Get It!”]