Google and other search engines use a mass of different factors to help them determine which sites they should place at the top of their rankings. Recently, the likes of Google and Bing have said that they rely on social indicators as one such ranking factor. This means that websites adopting a social media marketing campaign are able to enjoy improved search rankings and the increase in traffic associated with this.

Social Media Formats

There are many different types of social media sites that you can incorporate into your online marketing mix. You can share content, get involved in discussions, or try to engage with potential leads using apps. You can even interact with your target market through virtual worlds. Whatever your industry and your goals there is almost certainly a number of social media websites that you can use to help improve your marketing.

Multimedia producers write articles, submit news releases, create videos, and take photographs. They may also combine these different formats to create even more appealing content. Game producers, digital designers, and other creative individuals may also consider themselves content producers.

The Media Sharing Process

Sharing the content you produce is only the start of a social media campaign but it is a vital start. Fortunately, with a host of websites available there are some extremely powerful places to start:

  • Games – accepts submissions in numerous topics including video and animations but their primary focus is that of games. If you can produce great quality games then you may also want to consider contacting Zynga is one of the best known social media games companies and this means that a game hosted by them can give you considerable authority, drive, and traffic.
  • Video – Video clips and video footage are extremely popular with web users, including those that access the net on their computers and those that use mobile devices. YouTube is the best known video sharing website but is, in fact, only one of many. Facebook has become one of the most popular ways for users to access and share video footage while Vimeo and DailyMotion are also popular options.
  • Photos – Whether you’re a budding amateur or serious professional, good quality photos can be used for many purposes. You can sell usage rights for photos or use them to promote businesses and websites. Facebook paid around $1bn to purchase Instagram and it has retained its independent status and its popularity. Pinterest is a social network of sorts but with a very heavy slant towards photography and is a great resource for those looking to discover or share their photographs.
  • Audio – Regardless of whether you are part of a band or you have regular podcasts that you want to share with the world you can use social media sharing sites to help distribute your audio content. Podcast Alley, Podomatic, and iTunes are some of the more popular resources that can be used to this end.
  • Presentations – Powerpoint presentations are the butt of many a business related joke but they are used frequently for good reason. Presentations can present a lot of useful information in a legible and even enjoyable format. If you have presentations of your own and wish to share them with others then websites like Scribd and Slideshare are a very good place to start.
  • News – Digg, StumbleUpon, and Newsvine are social news websites. You can either share links to stores on your own website or, in the case of Newsvine, effectively create your own newspaper style social site. If you regularly write news content and have a keen eye for journalism then these sites could prove highly beneficial for your purposes.

Social Networks And How They Fit In

Some social networks like Facebook and, although to a lesser degree, Twitter, combine many of these sharing opportunities into a single platform. To enjoy the greatest success from your social media sharing activities you should get involved with the community and the discussion that builds around the content you submit. If you utilize a number of media types, which many websites now do, then you can join a site like Facebook to promote them all.

Cliché Time

While you shouldn’t fall into the trap of placing all of your eggs in one basket and utilize a single site, you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin either. Choose a handful of these websites and concentrate your effort on each one to build a community and to develop links, build authority, and generally improve the performance of your website.

What social media sites do you use? What type of content do you share and how often do you share it?

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