Pinterest is a photo sharing website that brings people of like interests together by tapping on their visual appeals. The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is practically the concept behind Pinterest; people see, make judgments and take action based on their interpretation of an image. While it may seem that Pinterest is just for crafts and those that enjoy scrapebooking, it is absolutely more than that. And just like every other social media site, it plays a major role in business branding and lead generation. However, unlike them, Pinterest harnesses one of the vital powers to humanity; the power of vision.

How Does This Work For Business?

Do you remember those periods when you stopped abruptly on a webpage or book page due to a caption image? It could be a snapshot of a natural disaster, a crowd in a seminar, slim body structure, a latest car model or perhaps that of a celeb. But the point is you stopped for a while; glancing through the picture and perhaps reading down some lines to find what the message might be. If those images were to be replaced by some tiny texts, you may never have noticed them. That is just the simple truth and it happens to all of us… yes, minus you, if you think it hasn’t. On the other hand, if those images were to be an image from your blog, money making website or perhaps something about your business, can you imagine how many eyes will get to you or your business through that four-cornered graphics?

Instead of worrying over the right words to use that can attract a click-through to your blog, Pinterest offers a simple, stress-free way of doing this by sharing captivating photos about our business. This provides businesses the necessary tools they need to create brand connection online while reaching more audience and promoting their business.

Does Your Pin Matter?

Yes, to some extent it does! While Pinterest gives everybody the liberty to pin any photo that appeals to them, there are certain factors I consider while uploading any photo on my Pinterest board.

  • Relevancy: First of all, any photo I intend to pin must be relevant to my blog, website or business and must be linked to it. Like most bloggers, I manage a few blogs in various niches and I am always careful to ensure that my pins are related and linked to the appropriate one. Hence, if you run a restaurant, it may be appealing to upload and pin your menu or the looks of that freshly introduced dish which may get people interested. On the other hand, slim figure-8 images will be great for somebody that sells weight loss products, picture of your new arrivals for an online electronics retail store, etc. Your pins are just as powerful as their relevancy to your business!
  • Retouch before pining: The second thing I often do after selecting an image for Pinterest is to put some final touches on it. My favorite tools for this are the Mixbook and Snapily photo editing features. As a business, it makes sense not to upload a raw image; a touch here and there will always make them appear more attractive and thus get the result you want. For instance, a picture of some of your weight loss clients that sent in their testimonials last week could just be well organized with the help of some photo editing tools and pinned for interested eyes. The opportunity is limitless and I think that I can improve the results of every pin by making sure that it sends the right message.
  • Link every pin: I will always make sure that every pin I have on Pinterest is linked to a relevant webpage. It could be my blog, a web page containing my online profile, my money making or lead generating page or my other social media profile – I see every pin without a link to my site as a waste of time and effort. Also, I never fail to click through the link to ensure that it is the right link and not broken. We are all human and sometimes going through it a second time will help bring us closer to our goals.

Are you already on Pinterest or do you still want to make sure it is something that is worth your time? The truth is, every business with an online presence will eventually be on this social networking site and the earlier you get on-board the better.

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