Social networks are great and useful to bloggers in more ways then just driving traffic. Idea exchange, getting to know other like-minded people and strike relationships that can pay huge dividends for you.

One problem with social networks is that they attract people with many different interests and are not very targeted. I personally see more and more networks that are very targeted to specific topic and people who join it directly interested in interaction. These type of networks makes the most sense and provides some of the biggest benefits to its members. And here is one for you that is brand new and absolutely FREE…

Jack Humphrey just started a brand new Social Network directly targeted to internet marketers / bloggers.  And yes, I don’t separate the two!

I actually think that combined these two provide some of the most effective ways to build your online business but doing it requires knowledge, support of the people who share your passion and willing to help you with guidance and perhaps join as JV partners.

Social Authority started growing really fast from day one and I recommend you join.