As a social networking manager, it would be nice if all the updates post on your Facebook page were seen by 100% of your fans. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Back in February, the social  giant revealed that on average, an update posted from a brand page is only seen by roughly 16% of its fans. This information is important for the simple fact that it gives you a very good idea of just how far your marketing content is penetrating through the network.

Facebook recently launched a new feature to give brands an even better idea of how many fans the content from their brand page is reaching. Certain social networking managers now have the ability to view metrics on select updates right from the timeline. This new feature provides insight into the percentage of fans a given post reaches, as well as the percentage of users who saw content due to a paid advertising campaign. The ability to view activity in both areas is a huge plus for managers sharing organic and sponsored content on Facebook.

Expanding Your Reach

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced the Reach Generator, a tool that allows advertisers to reach up to 75% of their audience. The company has just rolled out another advertising tool that gives marketers the power to increase the reach of their updates on a pay-per-post scale. According to reports, the new feature coined “Promoted Posts” will cost anywhere from $5.00 to $300.00 to use depending on the size of your fan base, and give you an estimate of how many people you are likely to reach in a given price range.

Here’s what we know:

  • Marketers can choose how much they want to spend to promote a specific update.
  • The promoted posts will appear in the news feed and resemble a regular post. They will however, be labeled as “Sponsored”.
  • The feature will also be available to advertisers looking to expand their reach in the mobile channel.  No word on if using the feature with mobile ads is any more or less expensive.
  • An update can only be promoted within three days of its original creation date.
  • Marketers can pause a promoted post at any time and stop it before the three-day period ends.
  • Marketers can use a variety of new metrics to measure the overall effectiveness of their promoted content in real-time.

With the introduction of all the new features for advertising brands, it is important for marketers to understand that nothing has changed on the organic front. Any update posted to your page will still only reach about 16% of your fans. What has changed is your ability to extend that reach and measure it with the new introduced analytics tools. Not every brand has a budget to invest in Facebook, but for those who do, these recent additions could be worth taking advantage of.

Guest Post By: Abel is a writer, online marketing expert, and advocate for email marketing software company, Benchmark Email.