Social Networking has become a great way to catch up with old friend, get in touch with people from your past, or simply just keep in touch with your family and friends. You can easily share all of your photos instantly, give all of your network moment by moment updates on what is happening in your daily life, or enjoy some of your favorite online games. The Social Networks are now realizing that video chatting has poised itself to be the next fad, and they are interested in updating their sites with video chat capabilities.

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms have always been a major draw for online users. They find that it is a great place to meet new people and enjoy conversing with them on a large variety of topics. It is a great way to have access to a large group of people that you can sort into categories that you may have a shared interest in discussing. Most chat rooms have a centralized focus, while others may even provide a discussion topic. Social Networks are planning on taking all of the benefits of chat rooms and combining them with all of the things that people love about social networking.

Video Chat Rooms offer that little extra touch of personalization in the chat room experience. You no long have to guess if the person that you are speaking with is being honest about them, for you will be able to see for yourself. The scary part of talking online in chat room was that you could be talking to someone that you thought was a 25 year old and it turns out it is actually a 50 year old. Video chatting takes that guesswork out of your discussion.

Video Chatting and Social Networking

There are a lot of reasons why people seem to love their video chatting option. It is nice to not have to miss out on those important moments in life just because you cannot always be with your love ones. Video chatting has made it possible for deployed soldiers to see their family, college students to see their parents, business people to have face to face meetings without being in the same room, or simply just allowing friends to chat and see each other when they might not be in the same location.

Social Networks understand that they need to step up their game in communication if they want to remain popular in the future. This is why many social networking sites, such as Facebook, are creating their own video chatting capabilities. They are making it possible to now only chat with your friends, family, and contacts, but they are also setting up an app that will allow you to meet and talk with strangers that may have some of the same interests as yourself. It is taking the things that people love about chat rooms and adding video. There will also be the option to play the games while you are chatting with friends or opponents.

All of the social networks will soon be launching their own version for video chatting. Currently Facebook has partnered with Skype so that they can provide the highest quality video possible without having to learn an entire new setup. There are quite a lot of options for video chatting available out there, but the fortunate part about having your video chat linked with your social networking account is that you do not have to worry about trying to get all of your friends and family’s usernames. You will be able to directly connect with any of your contacts as long as they have the video chat add-on.

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