Instagram may be new, but it is not really inconclusive as an effort towards social media marketing. You would find that this image based social media platform not just concentrates its users but also strives towards extending a good enough marketing effort. It is indulging, engaging and networking.

Who doesn’t like clicking a picture and then raving about it? This is what instagram allows you to do. You click, you share and allow people to talk about it. There is creativity, there is an image and then there is sharing. There is enough engagement for you on this platform.

With Twitter that allows you to talk your mind in 140 characters, youtube that allows you to define a video for what you want and now instagram that allows you to share quick images for everything, you are pretty much the content creator of today’s time and age.

Well, considering the popularity of consumers on instagram, how can you as a brand benefit from this platform. Can it be used as a marketing platform? Can you market your brand and its concept clearly using this pictorial platform? Here are some of the best ways to use the platform to help you achieve a directed engagement for your consumers.

Chalk Out a Plan

Whenever you are indulging in marketing your brand, it is always necessary to have a plan or strategy ready. You need to figure out what your ultimate goal is! It can be brand awareness or something as simple as brand engagement. You could be posting pictures about you and getting people to engage with you. Instagram could be the place where people grow to know more about your products and engage with you to understand your brand more. You need to find out what you are using instagram platform for.

Linked with Website

What you feed on your Instagram site can also be linked to your website? When you do this, there will be an awareness that you are now on Instagram and more and more people would begin following you there as well. For them to know of your presence you need to make sure that the photos are linked to your website. This is one of the best ways to achieve more followers on Instagram and then make them instagram ready.

Share you Instaphotos

You need to make sure you have a complete 360 degree social media marketing on in order to share your photos. The photos you have recently shared on Instagram should be shared on other platforms as well. You should make sure that Facebook, Twitter and other platform followers who are not on Instagram get a way to see your picture. This way you can get more followers on Instagram.

Fun is the Word

Whatever you share on Instagram should be accompanied with the word fun. It should not be covered up in the armor of corporate formality but must be unbuttoned to the level of fun. You need to understand that this platform is used for social networking and not for some formal things. This is why whatever you share the content should have the fun element present within it.

Humanize the Brand

Your brand is a mere name or thing that people associate with but can be friendly with. You need to add the human element for people to understand you and your brand. You should offer behind the scenes images that will add the personal touch to your brand. Instagram allows humanizing efforts and builds your brand engagement.

Facebook via Instagram

With the Instamatic photos you can increase engagement on your Facebook page. All you need to do is ask an open ended question either about the photo or something relevant to your brand. This will make the consumers and fans of your brand want to engage with you.

Photos are great ways to engage your consumers. Make sure you use Instagram diligently.

Author Bio: Juned Ahmed is a consultant at IndianAppDevelopers – mobile application developers company, he enjoys writing on IT industry and mobile app designing technologies.