I have just stumbled into a new, still in Beta (hmm … rather unusual for web 2.0 service 🙂 ) service that introduces a different concept of social networking – iStalkr. After reading all the information on their site I still have mixed feeling about this one.

According to them …

[tag-tec]iStalkr[/tag-tec] is a web app that allows you to create a lifestream (based on Jeremy Keith’s Lifestream concept) tracking all your RSS and ATOM feeds for services you use, like Digg, Del.icio.us, Ma.gnolia, Flickr, Last.fm, Google Reader’s Shared Items, Tumblr, Twitter , etc, and create a time line of your activities. You can paste this time line data into on your blog or use the data in other apps. iStalkr then utilizes that data socially, like twitter, where you can monitor your friends time lines and other people can monitor yours.

Here is graphical representation of their service:explain.png

It sounds like a really cool idea and at same time – Do I really want everyone to know every minute of my presence online? There is an option during registration to make your profile private and you will have to manually approve all requests to stalk you. But this option, while providing privacy removes the main benefit – [tag-tec]social networks[/tag-tec] profile visibility.

So while I’m still undecided on this service – I would value your feedback if you have already experienced it. I’m sure other people reading this post will too