[tag-tec]MyBlogLog[/tag-tec] received its own reiteration of [tag-tec]Gravy Train[/tag-tec] that gained popularity with [tag-tec]technorati[/tag-tec] and swept through bloggin community. I was a bit surprised to discover myself on receiving end of the new train and can only express my thanks to “The Real Estate Schmoozer” for inclusion. You can see the train and possibly participate in it here.

And while looking through the site I have followed on of the links to another site and then another until I run into something cool! A new tool that displays all information related to your site rank – free!

Who links to my Website? – is the name of the tool and by simply clicking on its name you will get info about mine. Installation is simple and requires addition of one line of code while providing you with wealth of info.