[tag-tec]MTV[/tag-tec] is joining [tag-tec]the social networks[/tag-tec] with its own contribution. They will be announcing today their plans to license a new application apparently developed by couple Georgia Tech students.

Developed by Georgia Tech students David Jimison and Jeff Crouse, [tag-tec]Hit! or Sh!t[/tag-tec], as it is now named, is a social networking media player designed to build online community groups based on how members rank and recommend clips seen on the Internet.

In the announcement, MTVN said it will deploy the Web-based application, developed through last year’s mtvU Digital Incubator 2.0 program, across MTV Music Group’s online properties as part of its efforts to discover new musical talent.

To be honest – it sounds like good idea but I have already forgotten that MTV actually plays any music. They became so engrossed in stupid reality shows that forgot the reason that channel was created in first place – music …. Or wait! My bad, they created it to stuff line their pockets with cash and in search of most profitable content they quit showing the music …

I only wonder what awaits this new application? Will we see a version of MTV cribs broadcasted over it instead of music that it starts with? What do you think?