Many companies many not realize the tremendous amount of traffic they receive on their Facebook pages. How they address their customers can make all the difference. Below are 7 simple steps to a friendlier Facebook page.

1. Change your Language

You undoubtedly have (or will have) customers from all over the country and world in such a globalized economy. Although many people speak English, you may have customers who aren’t fluent or who do not speak it at all. You can make your posts appear in several languages by clicking the public icon. You can also change the language based on location.

2. Choose Levels of Importance

You can decide what your Facebook friends see first when they visit your page. You can pin your post to the top of your page by clicking the pencil icon on the post’s top right corner. This is useful if you want to call attention to a new product or event. You will want to use this feature if your company posts updates often.

3. Get Customer Input

You can analyze data all you want, but the best way to find out what your customers want is to ask them. Facebook’s new poll feature allows you to create and post polls to your page.

Click the “status” box, then click “event, milestone +” and choose “question.” Create answers or allow users to fill in their own answers.

4. Use Your Images

Most social media networks work through snapshots. The average Facebook user’s timeline is cluttered with posts from friends, family, and fan pages. You aren’t making an impact if you don’t do anything different. Try using your images to call attention to yourself. Facebook’s re-positioning tool lets you decide how an image appears on your timeline. You can choose to center it, make it larger, or let it complement your text.

5. Highlight your Posts

Facebook allows you to highlight individual posts, making them larger and more noticeable. Click the star icon on the top right corner of the post you want to highlight. If you want to change it back to standard size, click the star icon and choose “remove from highlights.” Highlighted posts have the same functions as re-positioned images. It’s hard to stand out when your post looks the same as everyone else’s.

6. Network

Networking is one of the best ways to get new business. You know that; in fact, that’s why you created a Facebook page at all. Make it work for you. Use Facebook’s share feature to share related businesses with your friends. They will likely return the favor, meaning that your Facebook fans will quickly multiply.

7. Turn off Chat

Facebook’s new chat feature which allows users to message brands may be cool, but you probably won’t use it often. Instead of ignoring your customers (or making it seem that way), turn off the feature if you aren’t going to use it.

Click “edit page” on the admin panel at the top of the page, then “update info” and “manage permissions.” Click the message option and uncheck “show message.”

Even if Facebook is just a complementary website for your business, you still want it to look good. Use these steps to make your brand’s page friendlier to anyone who comes across it.

Guest Author Jessica Velasco works for Subtle Network Design & Marketing. She loves how Custom Corntoss markets their decals for cornhole boards, upcoming tournaments, and posts from their tailgating blog – – on Facebook. Jessica even showed the company how their cornhole game video could be shared and featured on Facebook.