facebook secretsUnless you have been living under a rock for the last few years then you will be well aware of the Internet powerhouse that is “Facebook.”

The social network site that let’s you connect with friends, share photos, videos and play games with people all around the world.

In a very short space of time Facebook has gone from being a new and unheard of website, to total world domination. How many people do you know that do not have a Facebook profile?

My guess is that virtually everybody you know will use the site in one capacity or another. This has created some amazing opportunities for the savvy businessperson. You can use the site to generate huge amounts of new business.

Whilst many marketing “experts” will suggest that you simply mass add people to your friends lists and then spam them with CPA offers, there are some much more useful and effective ways of using the site, if you understand the secrets of Facebook.

Here are just a few of them:

Create a Community

By creating a group or fan page that is targeted to a specific niche, you will bring together a community of likeminded people. People who will all have an interest in the subject, and offers that may come their way from time to time.

Something that is often overlooked is how powerful content syndication can be using Facebook. By sharing interesting and informative information with people within your group you will find that those people begin sharing your content with their friends, and that is how viral marketing begins.

So think community, think quality content, and you could find yourself getting worldwide coverage sooner than you think.

Create an App

A very underused feature on Facebook amongst marketers is the mighty app. It is actually fairly easy to create your own Facebook application, and it doesn’t have to be particularly flashy or technical either to be effective.

A simple application that gives “daily sales tips”, or “daily dating advice” in text form, can actually be a very quick and easy way of creating a very large following for your business. If you like the idea of community, such applications can become very popular and go viral very quickly, giving you and your brand massive coverage. If you are not confident in putting an app together yourself then a freelance programmer should be able to do one for you fairly cheaply.

Think Keywords

It is very rare that I ever see anyone talking about the power of keywords and Facebook.

The site has a huge PR and is loved by Google, thus being spidered hundreds, if not thousands of times a day. If your group, app or fan page is keyword rich (rich, not stuffed) then you have a good chance of showing up somewhere in the SERPS for them.

This is of course dependant on proper keyword research, however with proper homework it is very possible.

With a little creativity, and a little out the box thinking, Facebook can be a great vehicle for generating interest and traffic to your site.

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Monika Mundell is a busy copywriter, digital nomad and lover of the great outdoors. If she isn’t found typing words at her keyboard she is probably enjoying some downtime with her hubby, babies (pet birds), or stuck on some tropical island while cruising the world.

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