A Facebook business page is the natural companion to your blog. The time you spend carefully crafting quality posts only pays off if you can successfully attract readers interested in following those posts. The easiest and most cost effective way to do that is to connect with your target audience through Facebook. When you set up a business page that corresponds with your blog, you can market your blog posts so that traffic is referred back to your website. When your Facebook followers hit the like button and share button, your content is passed around to all of their friends. This can help your blog readership grow.

If you haven’t ventured into social media yet because you think it’s too time consuming, plan to make use of widgets that auto post to your Facebook page on your behalf. This is a valuable tool because it allows you to focus on creating posts that you know your readers will love while your plugin notifies your readers of each new post through Facebook.

SNAP to the Rescue

One of the best tools for Facebook blog integration is Social Networks Auto Poster, which is also known as SNAP. There is a basic version that you can use for free, and it will allow you to auto post WordPress to Facebook as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and other popular social media sites. If you pay for the upgraded version, you can even auto post to Google+ and Pinterest.

Every post made to your social media accounts is white label. This means that it comes directly from you and will never show that you created the post through a third party. This is important because you want to simplify your social media posting without alerting your audience to those shortcuts, and you never want your posts to look like spam.

If you’re new to social media, don’t let the ability to auto post to these other social media sites intimidate you. You may start out with just a Facebook business page, but you never know where that will lead in the future. Using widgets that facilitate blog integration with multiple social media sites will prevent you from downloading separate plugins for each social media site you decide to use.

Facebook Auto Publish

If you prefer to use widgets created by WordPress, consider the plugin called Facebook Auto Publish. This one works only with Facebook and allows you to select from the following post formats:

  • Text message
  • Text message with image
  • Blog link

This tool also has a filtering feature which allows you to specify categories or custom post types that you want to share on your Facebook page. If you publish some content that you don’t want to share, there is a stop feature built into the system.

Once you install the right plugin and learn how to auto post WordPress to Facebook, keep in mind that you need to do more with your Facebook page than advertise your blog posts. In order for blog integration to work properly, you need to keep your Facebook business page thriving with thought-provoking updates, funny or inspirational images, contests and open conversations with your audience. The more you interact with your fans, the more likely they are to hit the like button and click the share button to help your readership grow.