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Facebook Opportunities for Small Business Explained

The world of marketing is abuzz with social networking sites, namely Facebook. With hundreds of millions of visitors coming to this website every single month, it is no wonder that more businesses than ever are looking to Facebook as a component of their success. It is important for every small business owner that is about to plunge into Facebook to understand these few steps in order to have a beneficial experience with this internet titan.

Prepare Yourself Before You Start

Facebook is notoriously easy to log on and create a page in only a few seconds. While this may be tempting for enthusiastic business owners, it is a much better idea to make a few small preparations before finally throwing up a fan page. It is best to invest a small amount of time in searching through Google for other’s stories on success or failure during their Facebook campaign. Small business owners should also clearly understand what goals they are setting for themselves and their business and how they can achieve these goals through a Facebook page.

Start Slowly, Then Increase Your Workload

Much like those that would create their page as quickly as possible, many enthusiastic business owners hope to invest hours on end in those first few days or weeks. Unfortunately, the positive effects that Facebook can produce will take time to foster and overdoing it during the beginning may in fact be a waste of time. Allowing one’s page to slowly build fans and focusing on small tweaks every week can be a much more efficient utilization of time.

Connect With Your Fans, Contact Them Directly

What really sets Facebook apart from almost any other advertising medium are the useful tools that allow interaction between companies and their customers. Simply receiving a ‘like’ on your page is not enough to garner interest or loyalty in a customer. Contacting each new fan directly with a message is the perfect way to build a lasting business relationship. Similarly, responding to all wall posts directly will keep Facebook users coming back and spreading the word about your business.

Add Only New And Valuable Content

There is a time and place to post funny pictures or anecdotal sayings and a Facebook fan page is not one of those places. While some companies may get away with hourly posts, most businesses are going to succeed by only posting what their customers want to hear. Examples of these would be coupons that Facebook users will have access to, daily specials, changes in business hours, and exciting new products. Selecting a few useful posts is much more effective than spamming.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook allows companies to direct their advertisements at specific demographics with two forms of ads: pay-per-click and pay-per-view. No matter the style that a business owner chooses to go with, they will be allowed to set a maximum amount that they would like to spend per day and per advertisement. This is another good time to start slow and give the campaign time to grow, allowing owners time to make small adjustments as needed

Creating A Facebook Fan Page

It can be very easy to create a profile page instead of a fan page. According to Facebook’s policies though, this is a quick way to get one’s page and account banned. Another important rule to follow is to never create multiple profiles. It may be tempting to create fake accounts to get those first 25 followers, but this is strictly against policy and enforced quite often.

Don’t Forget To Update

With the fan page setup, an advertising campaign underway, and customers slowly building, all that is left to do is keep the momentum moving. With regular updates and a close interaction with your community, you will begin to see some of the major benefits that Facebook has to offer small businesses.

About Author: Jeff has been blogging since 2007 & contributing on many websites since that time. He is a professional internet marketing and blogging consultant. Jeff is also a consultant and content contributor for Queens condominiums community.


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8 Responses to “Facebook Opportunities for Small Business Explained”

  1. Daniel Black says:

    The biggest mistake which a lot of small business owners commit is that at the start they overdo everything-spend hours and hours on their Facebook account for example-but then lose interest in the marketing phase and stop doing it altogether. That’s why very often you come across Facebook pages which have not been updated for long, and where customers’ queries have been left unanswered.

  2. There are so many fan pages and people are getting a bit bored of them, I think you need to post quite dynamic content for people to really engage now.

  3. I’ve tried with Facebook fans pages but it’s very very difficult. I think you have to focus on them many hours every day. If you have to focus on your main job (mine is music composition) then you can’t be successful with them.

  4. Mikael says:

    A tip would be to read the promo guidelines… I myself have thrown comps in Facebook that been banned hard. Read up on what do you are allowed to do and not do. You find em here…

    / Mike

  5. I guess the last tip is the most important thing. Consistency with content is really a big hit in dealing with Facebook, it’s a way to make presence online. Indeed, FB is still the most powerful Social Networks among all.

  6. Hilywatson says:

    F.B. is one the main reason responsible for increasing importance of Social Networking sites for business purpose. Due to its wide and strong network it becomes easy to promote our business as much as possible.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this.

  7. Sandra says:

    Facebook is the next tool I want to try for promoting my product. It is a somehow exciting especially thinking about connecting with that many people. Thank you for sharing, I am looking forward to create my own page and add networks.

  8. Lily Rose says:

    I’ve always looked at Twitter as something girls that like to gossip had, and Facebook as something that teenagers used as a replacement of their social life.

    Imagine my surprise once I’ve learned all the ways you could use them. Therefore, I still have some reluctance toward it, but I know a good move when I see one. Thanks for the tips.