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Being Recognized Has Huge Rewards

Aren’t weekends supposed to be time off? Well, this weekend was filled with so many things happening at same time that simply finding what is more important can be difficult. But not impossible …

Being recognized by other perhaps the most important thing that can happen to any blog or site and this Friday and throughout the weekend I was privileged by recognition for my small contributions by several bloggers and people I knew before starting this blog.

  • Jack Humphrey from The Friday Traffic Report is one of the blogs I read on regular bases as it provides absolutely invaluable information on building Authority Sites using blogs and techniques to promote them. Jack liked my idea of Reciprocal Review Carousel and joined – results been great and his readers continue to join. Anyone serious about blogging should grab his Authority Blackbook, where he actually digs into importance of Authority Sites before John Reese came out with his report.
  • David Ledoux has mentioned my blog on several occasions and was one of the first to participate in Reciprocal Review Carousel and my hat goes off. If you don’t know David I highly advise you visit his blog. Regarded by many as an MLM guru information he shares for free is something that other people paid for! Dig into his brain, ask him questions – he is been marketing longer then many people been using Internet!
  • Case Stevens is an Internet Marketing pro whose name I have known way before I created this blog and provides superb quality information on Internet Marketing. His participation in Reciprocal Review is most welcome and greatly appreciated.
  • Michelle MacPhearson is one of the people who know what Social Marketing Online should be. I love here blog for the great information and tips that cannot be found anywhere else. After reading Jack’s post she liked the Reciprocal Review Idea and joined the Carousel.

… and everyone else who joined. This post wasn’t intended to be all-inclusive and I specifically mentioned blogs and people I knew and come to respect BEFORE I created this blog. Doesn’t mean I’m less grateful, simply that I didn’t know you guys before and planning to address it!

You guys are awesome!

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8 Responses to “Being Recognized Has Huge Rewards”

  1. TheSpot-er says:

    Thanks Colin!

    Appreciate the participation 🙂


  2. Colin says:

    Hello Alex,
    Weekends = time off? Not when you have created a rollercoaster like this one lol. The feedback is amazing as is the number of people joining in.
    Thanks for the idea and the inclusion, it’s still picking up more backlinks…..awesome stuff.

    Thank you my friend.
    All the best

  3. Hey Alex – glad to be on board!


  4. TheSpot-er says:

    Thanks guys!

    Your participation means a lot and greatly appreciated.


  5. Lorelle says:

    You are welcome. The article is deserving.

    But I see in your post that you’ve turned the link to your article into two ad links. I hope you didn’t do that and it’s a mistake as it is very bad form and looks like splog links.

  6. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks for mentioning me Alex.
    Being recognized is a great award indeed.
    But your Reciprocal Review Carousel was well worth mentioning.
    Great idea!


  7. TheSpot-er says:


    Thanks for comment. And no, my article didn’t actually have a link initially. I have a module running that automatically turns certain defined keywords into affiliate links. It just so happened that on my post (ONLY on my pages) it found 2 of them and turned them into links.

    Since it is a site wide configuration, sometime it is hard to control and since I don’t use AdSense and such these links are one of the least intrusive means of making recommendations on my blog. Thanks for pointing this one out. I have addressed via means I have available.



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