Social networks are great for establishing a relationships and communications with people within your interest and not only. Taking advantage of the options presented by social networks is no longer optional as Rich defined in his latest report “The Attention Age Doctrine” and Facebook is one the best of the breed.

I have to admit that I perhaps don’t spend enough time on it socializing as my business and regularly scheduled life pulls me away from “online world” (shame on me!) but I do pay attention to what I receive and if you become my friend I do pay attention to your messages πŸ™‚ and here is why …

Sometimes I get quite a few Fun Wall posts and sometimes I get only a few but many of them well worth highlighting but first I want to give the credit to people who are active and send me Fun Wall posts:

Karen Kramer, Robert Rand, Diane Corriette, Stella Holman are among the most active friends I have on Facebook and I truly appreciate they keep in touch and provide me with some real fun messages.

… and make sure to become my friend using link above!