This guest post was submitted by Lars Koudal, Publisher of Web 20 Tutorials blog that provides information on all aspects of web building from design to how to maximize your revenue streams.

A not-so-new thing for several blog owners is to use guest bloggers to fill in holes in their own posting schedules, or to expand the areas/niche to which the blog focuses on. Guest blogging is nothing new, but what exactly are the benefits, and is it worth it for both the host blog and the guest blogger?

There are indeed several benefits to both the host-blog and the guest blogger and the combined effect of all elements are great for both blogs on short-term as well as long-term.

For the host blog there are several benefits:

  • The host blog will benefit from an increased exposure from another blog, as the guest blogger is more than likely to inform his/her own readership that he is now blogging on other respected blogs.
  • A clear signal is sent to the host blogs readership of ; “I’m getting bigger. I can bring in guest bloggers that are willing to write blog entries for me”.
  • The readers of the host blog is also given a clear indication that the host blogger cares for his readership, and wants to bring as much information and knowledge to his visitors as possible.

Now, there are several benefits to the guest blogger as well, and there are several great reasons for you to start posting on other blogs.

  • Making friends
    Getting good relationships with fellow bloggers in your niche is a good thing for securing your future as a blogging authority in your niche. If you look at other blog owners in your chosen niche as enemies you have a serious long-term problem. Most niches are well enough visited, that they will
  • Increased traffic to your own blog
    The exposure of your post to a well-visited blog will give you more exposure to your own blog, and will most likely bring traffic from the host blog to see read more of your stuff if the post is interesting enough.
  • Links count
    Most blog owners will happily give a link back to you in return for a post, either directly in the post itself or on the blogroll. This link will help your future rankings in the search engines, and is a great way to earn great links for no money except the time invested in writing the blog post itself.
  • Valid links count more
    Even-though all links count towards better ranking in the search engines, it is well known that links from relevant sites gives much more in terms of Google juice. What do you think a link from a homepage with the title “Olive plucking in the Ukraine” counts in the eyes of Google compared to a link from a relevant site?
  • New visitors
    Your blog might cater to a certain crowd/niche that has been working just fine, but as the competition for visitors grows ever more fiercely, the best way to gain new visitors is by providing your visitors with great content, and showing your writing skills and knowledge to the readership of other blogs is a great way to gain new and interested visitors.
  • The right visitors
    As any more experienced blogger/webmaster will tell you, getting thousands of visitors daily is nice, but I will trade it for 100 targeted visitors at any time. A targeted user is more likely to bookmark your site, sign up for the feed and bring new visitors along with him. From a money perspective, it is also more likely that the advertising you serve will be much more targeted to that particular visitor, and increase the probability of him/her clicking on an advertising link.
  • They might return the favor
    Maybe the blog owner might even return the favor at some point. The same reasons that make writing as a guest blogger for you, is a great reason for the blog owner to write a guest entry on your blog.

This is my first guest blog, but I am excited to see if my predictions is correct. Will I receive more visitors, better search engine rankings? Time will tell.