I have to admit I’ve been seating on my hands and flopping around while I should have contributed to this one a long time ago …

Almost 3 weeks ago David Ledoux, nominated my blog for as his entry for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 Contest run by Janette Toral at Reflective Thinking blog. My delay was also due to research as to present my own entry into this contest I wanted to make sure that it would be meaningful to you – my reader and present my own view. Also second part of that would be sorting out which blogs were new 🙂 , as it never occurred to me to investigate this fact while reading blog posts.

So here we go, my nominations not including my own:

  1. Income.com blog
  2. DidYouSmellThat Blog
  3. The Co-Authored Marketing Blog
  4. We Bet UR
  5. Fit For Freedom

I know its only 9 and not 10 but these are the new blogs I read on regular bases for the info they provide and innovative ideas shared within.