It’s been almost a month since I gave life to Reciprocal Review Carousel and today is as good day as any to give some summaries. But before I even begin I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who already took part in it and to anyone who decides to continue running with it.

[tag-tec]Reciprocal Review Carousel[/tag-tec] idea was born from the basics of building popularity of your blog or site and latest Web 2.0 trends. It only made sense to combine the two and make sure that everyone participating gets to benefit from it. And while results vary – personal performance depend on each participant promotional efforts. Some fared better, some slightly worth but I hope benefited none less.

I would love to hear your story in comments! Share your results and perhaps we will kick off another round of this one!

Now I’m moving into results of my personal blog. While these results combine outcome from several promotion techniques – I have seen the biggest jump during initial two weeks of Reciprocal Review Carousel launch. So as long as you take into account that these results are mixed from different efforts, I’ll proceed with sharing 🙂

Here is first one and perhaps most interesting. I have done search on Google for “Reciprocal Review Carousel” and have a look at results!


14,100 pages that has this exact phrase! And since my blog still has no page rank I’m only on 7th position. This is simply awesome, even assuming that many pages are duplicates due to the nature of the blogs and since some of us present full text articles on index pages. Even taking into consideration that single post can show up on blog on at least 10 pages it is still great result! Thanks guys!

And just think about it – many of these pages contain YOUR link with YOUR anchor tag. Do you think this will help you PR 🙂 ?

Now second part of this effort is to increase our Technorati rank. This one directly depends on reactions to your blog, i.e. individual mentions of any of your pages on other people’s blogs. Since I have launched Reciprocal Review Carousel my Technorati rank went up from 350,000 + to 17,030 and authority has grown from 67 to 259.

So while I’m not quite at the top – it is a nice start. How did you fare? Let us hear about it!

And last but not least was the community viral effect. So many people did so many great reviews of other people’s blogs – I’m amazed. On the second week I was already seeing Reciprocal review has gone through so many blogs that original list posted on my blog wasn’t even mentioned. That is a true viral power. I know it is sad to see your blog disappear from the list but just think about the benefits you already got. And here is the best part – it doesn’t have to stop!

It is really rather simple to give this campaign another boost. Just add another review of a different blog or two on your current list and let them know you did it! The power of reciprocation works well. People generally like to have their blog mentioned and in most cases will pick up the flag and run with it. Change the Timestamp on the post to bring it back to the front page or perhaps create another post that links to it. Describe benefits to show people WHY they should participate in it.

If you haven’t taken the part in my Reciprocal Review Carousel, now is your chance. And to anyone who benefited from this strategy – I would really appreciate your story! Share you results.