This morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise – my RSS Subscribers chicklet displays a 600% of growth OVERNIGHT! And no – it is not a fluke, not a glitch in the system – these are real results.

Going from 500+/- subscribers to 3400+/- might seem like a huge jump but reality is much simpler then you think…

Secret lies within a one small deal that aweber struck with FeedBurner, more specifically they started to report count of email subscribers to your blog feed! I first read about this possibility on Andy Beard‘s blog with Yaro expanding on what it would mean to many bloggers who view blogs as perfect marriage between affiliate marketing and blogging.

Well, I’m now enjoying the fruits of my labor Cool. I offer subscription to my Weekly Blogging eZine sent if form of digest on my sidebar for quite a while and about a month ago I even completely removed option to subscribe to FeedBurner RSS via email in favor of keeping things simple.

Up until this morning number of my eZine subscribers were never reported and the 600% increase in RSS Subscribers is direct result of the shared information between aweber and FeedBurner. To my best knowledge aweber is the only professional autoresponder service that offer this capability of seamless integration of your blog and email AND reporting the count on your blog for social proof! Need any more reasons to have a pro autoresponder?

aweber.gifI think statement above should be enough to convince you to get an account with aweber and if not – stay tuned. I’ll be releasing a video tutorial that will show exactly how you can marry your blog and aweber and increase your subscribers count!